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 For working professionals all over the world, working from home has more or less become the norm. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced people to stay out of the office, instead of keeping a safe and healthy distance from coworkers to mitigate the risk of infection. What does that mean for meetings that would have otherwise been held in person?

 Video calls–lots of them.

Even when the COVID-19 pandemic sees resolution, it’s likely that people will continue using videoconferencing tools more heavily than ever before, and not just in a professional setting. After all, video conferencing is an efficient, time-effective way to communicate and collaborate. Video calls are convenient for participants and typically easy to navigate. Finally, video conferencing tools are quite cost-effective, and even free in many cases.

That makes video conferencing a great option for anyone who wants to communicate from a distance, whether that includes professional colleagues, students, and teachers, or friends and family members.

That being said, there are definitely pros and cons to using different tools. And while Zoom has been by far the most popular choice for professionals during the global pandemic, there are additional options that may prove to be better choices for some users.

Exploring Video Conferencing Software Reviews at WatchtheReview.Com

 At WatchtheReview.Com, working professionals–including company leaders–can watch short, engaging videos with detailed information about the features of different video conferencing tools, including:

  • Overall quality and reliability
  • Pricing options for different usages and needs
  • Additional tools, settings, and features, such as screen sharing, recording, chat features, and file sharing
  • Tech support and customer service
  • Security
  • And more

The video conferencing software reviews on will ultimately help professionals–and others–to make informed decisions about choosing the best video conferencing software, that will provide clear effective communication. The result? People can stay safely and conveniently connected, regardless of distance.


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