Many women will consider having surgery to reduce the size of their breasts. On this page, we are going to go through everything that you really need to know about having this type of surgery carried out.

What are the benefits?

While there are some people that will have breast reduction surgery carried out for the aesthetic appearance, far more people will have the surgery due to the wealth of physical benefits it can bring to the table.

The main reason why people consider this type of surgery is because it can help with back, neck, and shoulder pain. This is if the pain is caused by excess breast tissue. Many women with larger breasts may experience this sort-of pain throughout their life, and having reduction surgery is probably the best way for them to be dealing with it.

As we said, there are some people that will have this surgery carried out because they want to look better. They want to feel better. Some women also enjoy the fact that after reducing the size of their breasts they will no longer have to buy special clothing, including expensive bras.

How much can the breasts be reduced in size?

In theory, your breasts can be reduced by as much as you want. In practice, they probably will not need to be reduced by anywhere near this much. You will often decide how much you want the reduction to be based upon conversations with your doctor.

In the vast majority of cases, women will only ever need to go down a couple of cup sizes. Some women are going to be happy with just one. It is all going to be dependent on the reasons why you want to have the breasts reduced in size to begin with.

What happens during the surgery?

What happens during the surgery will be dependent on the way the breasts are being reduced. This will be dependent on the surgeon.

How long does the surgery take?

This is going to be dependent on several different factors. In most cases, you can expect the surgery to last anywhere between 2 hours and 5-hours. Your surgeon will give you a rough estimate at the time of the surgery.

It will almost always boil down to liposuction, though. A small incision will be made on the breast and excess breast tissue will be removed like that. Of course, the bigger the reduction, the more breast tissue will be removed.

If the breasts are being heavily reduced in size then the surgeon will look into ways that the breast’s skin can be tightened up to deal with the new, smaller amount of breast tissue. The breasts may also be lifted at this point if the size reduction was quite hefty. However, this may not happen if somebody goes down by only one cup size.

How long does it take to recover?

It is surprisingly quick to recover from this type of surgery, Most women will find that they are back on their feet in just a couple of days. They will only be able to do light activity, but at least they will be walking around.

You can expect a complete recovery from the surgery to take around 6-weeks. At this point, there will be no signs that the surgery took place outside of scarring beneath the breast. There should be no pain from the surgery. Any back,s shoulder or neck pain caused by your previously large breasts should have completely disappeared by this point too.


Remember, breast reduction surgery is going to be different for everybody. Talk to your doctor so you know exactly what to expect when you have it carried out.