Cash advances are generally quick-cash options, regardless of where you get them. These loans often come with instant approvals and same-day funding. For some people, the difference between same-day cash and next-day cash could be an unpaid bill or other missed expense. To avoid that, you’ll want to shop around for the fastest option available. Here are some of the best ways to get an instant cash advance fast:

Search for an online cash advance lender

If you want to save yourself the travel time and get a cash advance from the comfort of home, simply use your computer to search for an online lender. The application process is simple, approval happens within minutes, and many online lenders can deposit money into your bank account the same day you apply.

Before applying for a cash advance online, make digital copies of your ID or driver’s license, pull up your last few paystubs, and find your most recent W2 or 1099 form. You don’t need a desktop scanner to make copies of these items. Just use the camera on your mobile device. The lender will ask you to submit this documentation electronically, so make sure you have it all ready.

Some lending sites are portals that shop your application around to multiple lenders. Having a selection to choose from will give you an opportunity to compare terms, interest rates, and fees. It can be worth spending those extra few minutes choosing your cash advance if you can save some money.

Visit a lender’s store location

If you prefer to get a cash advance in person, visiting a lender’s store location can be a good option. There are thousands of brick-and-mortar cash advance lenders in the United States, so chances are, one of them is located near you. Check online or in your local phone book for one that’s close by.

Keep in mind that going to a physical location requires a commute and time to meet with a loan representative. You’ll also need physical documentation of your identification and employment. Call ahead or check their website before going so you don’t need to make more than one trip.

The approval process for a cash advance in person may be instant or could take a few hours. If approved, you may receive the funds you need the same day you apply or within 24 hours so you can start covering expenses right away.

The bottom line

Applying for a cash advance in person has its benefits. You get to speak with a loan representative in person and you have a location to go to if you have service issues. Online lenders don’t offer that, but they can sometimes process loan applications faster and deposit money into your account the same day if you apply early enough. Consider your options and shop around to find a loan option that works for your needs and preferences.