CHICAGO, IL., April 13, 2021 – Water Tower Research has published an initiation of Coverage on KULR Technology Group (OTCQB: KULR). The report focuses on the company’s key drivers, milestones, obstacles, and opportunities.

“KULR is uniquely positioned within key parts of the aerospace and defense sector. The company has long-standing relationships that offer ample opportunity to expand and grow market share,” said Shawn Severson, Co-Founder of Water Tower Research and Head of ClimateTech & Sustainable Investing Research. “Furthermore, the company has been expanding into other key growth markets, including battery safety for EVs and lithium-ion battery transport. Cost reduction is crucial, and the company is taking steps to lower costs and build a commercialization strategy for its technology platforms. This would be a critical step in expanding its total available market and developing new customer relationships and applications.”

Mr. Severson continued, “Some of the key catalysts and variables ahead for the company include announcing additional platform wins from existing aerospace and defense customers should help drive revenue growth, reaching milestones in their commercialization strategy and uplisting to the NASDAQ or NYSE.”

The full report can be downloaded HERE.

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