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In an elaborate scheme, a criminal organization has created fictitious Marketing Companies in order to dupe unsuspecting victims.

It has been revealed that several professionally looking sites were created claiming to offer opportunities to make money through various marketing market places.  Unfortunately, like many make money online opportunities, it is nothing but a sham.

It is believed that thousands of individuals and some companies were scammed by several brands that are all tied to an international criminal organization determined to prey on ordinary law-abiding citizens and vulnerable people across the globe.  We have confirmed reports from numerous victims from the United States and Australia.

The scam started with a brand called Bannerbit and then moved on to a scam that took advantage of the good reputation of a legitimate company Click2Sell, which uses the name click2sell.com.  By opening a nearly identical domain click2sell.co and click2sell.eu the criminals were able to siphon off traffic from the established marketing funnels of click2sell.com and also convince clients of their legitimacy.

Then the organization opened two sites, Ads Supply and CPL One.  Both sites made use of marketing jargon common in the affiliate marketing industry and gave the appearance that they provided an incredible opportunity to make money that never actualized.

How the Scam Works

The names of all the platforms that are spreading misinformation and are harming the reputation of the real deal i.e,. Click2sell.com are listed below:

Bannerbit (bannerbit.com)

Clicksdealer (clicksdealer.com)

Ads Supply (adssupply.com)

CPL One (cplone.com)

Click2sell (click2sell.co and click2sell.co)

All of the above-mentioned scams peddle the make money online narrative, but the last two firms really took their operation to the next level via bold claims and aggressive marketing. If you visit Click2sell.eu, Click2sell.co or any other related platform, they all claim to help you find the perfect affiliate offers. Moreover, they also promise to help the users drive a ton of traffic to the landing pages. In other words, they are selling a done for you system which is supposed to make its users rich without requiring any efforts from their side.

Obviously, as there is no miraculous cure to the riches, the people who paid for the system will lose money and end up with nothing but disappointments. The fraudsters behind this firm sell ad packages which range from $250 to over $20,000, however, it is believed that there are individual victims that lost millions of dollars to the scam.

After researching their website traffic history and reviewing first and second-hand client feedback, it is clear that a tremendous number of people lost a significant portion or all of their hard-earned life savings to this organization.

Note that, there are legitimate affiliate marketing companies, however, they offer their services only to businesses and do not solicit individual clients.  Additionally, if anyone promises you instant results in that sector, then it is better to stay away from them.

How to Recover Money from these Platforms

The ways of recovering funds from this or any other scam on the internet is simple, but for some people, it might be overwhelming. If you have made the payment using a credit card, then the chargeback dispute process is the proper channel to recover your funds.  Because of the complexity of Visa and Mastercard dispute schemes, it is recommended to consult with a professional claims management or recovery company that has an expertise in card-not-present service-related claims.

If a victim sent funds via bank transfer, then depending on how recent the transfers took place a recovery company may be able to assist.  Lastly, for cryptocurrencies, qualified blockchain analysts will be able to trace the Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies in order to determine where they went.  Additionally, for larger cases, investigative and legal action should be considered.

If you or a loved one lost money to any fraudulent entities online, then reach out to Cyberscamreview.com and we will evaluate your case and refer you to the type of fund recovery company that best suits the individual details of your case.  All you have to do is fill out a short contact form found on the official website, provide us a few basic details. Once the data is gathered, their team will assess the nature of the transaction and suggest the best possible course of action.

Reporting to the Authorities

Remember it is important to report your case to your local regulatory authority as well as local and national law enforcement agencies.  If you hire a qualified recovery company, then they should assist you to file these complaints.  If anyone discourages you from filing a complaint, it should be considered a red flag.

As a rule of thumb, any platform that promises you easy results with no solid explanation about the process or specific details involved should be avoided at any cost. After all, there is no such thing as a shortcut to success, right? Lastly, as far as the platforms mentioned in this article is considered, do yourself a favor and walk away from them.

If you have lost money to these fraud organisations (AdsSupply, CPLOne, BannerBit, Click2sell.eu or Click2sell.co), then do not hesitate to get in touch with the recovery experts at Cyberscamreview.com. The skilled team will evaluate your case and recommend the best course of action.  Remember that Cyber Scam Review, never charge for consultations.


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