Can you imagine that the state of human health depends on:

  • 20% of heredity
  • 10% on the level of development of medicine
  • 20% – on the environment, and
  • 50% – on lifestyle.

Health is a set of physical, spiritual, social qualities of a person, which is the main longevity and a necessary condition for the implementation of creative plans, high efficiency, starting a family, birth and upbringing of children. Physical health gives good health, vigor, strength, and mental – gives peace and good mood. They can be formed only by gaining knowledge and constant work on yourself.

According to  Ronnie Flynn, founder of Vuuzle Media Corp and executive producer of the innovative Vuuzle Film Production, it is very important to follow a healthy lifestyle philosophy. He is convinced that a healthy lifestyle lays the foundation for good health, strengthens the body’s defenses, and reveals its potential. That’s why the innovative Vuuzle Dubai Studios pays special attention to shooting shows about sports, fitness, dancing, etc.

The streaming platform  Vuuzle.TV broadcasts shows daily that teach the basics of healthy living and give advice on how to strengthen all the systems of your body, improve your general well-being and lose weight.


40 IS THE NEW 20

In Vuuzle.TV, viewers can watch the motivational show “40 Is The New 20”. Project leader Saif Al-Yasi is an expert in bodybuilding and proper nutrition (Nutrition PT), B.Sc Biotech / MBA IFBB master’s degree, periodic fasting specialist. Saif Al-Yasi is convinced that it is never too late to take care of your physical condition and health. It motivates people and teaches the basics of a healthy lifestyle. In particular, it focuses on the following basic elements: sleep, nutrition, exercise. In each issue, Saif Al-Yasi demonstrates to the audience a set of exercises for a specific part of the body.

Watch ONLINE and FREE “40 Is The New 20” on Vuuzle.TV


Don’t miss the hot show “Jos Fitness Tips” on  Vuuzle.TV. Project leader Josue Rodrigues is a certified personal trainer in Dubai, involved in athletics, and specializes in health and fitness. He helps people in Dubai to change their lives for the better, has extensive training experience, and actively promotes a philosophy of healthy living and fitness.

Watch ONLINE and FREE “Jos Fitness Tips” on Vuuzle.TV!  


Also watch the dance show “AFRO FIT-DUBAI” on Vuuzle.TV. The host of the project Christian Nji is a talented choreographer and CEO of the dance studio “AFRO FIT-DUBAI”, who is originally from Cameroon, but has been living and building a career in Dubai (UAE) for the last 4 years. AFRO FIT-DUBAI is the first authentic Afro dance community in the Middle East. Christian Nji with Afro Dance Choreography and Workout Set To Afrobeats helps people build the body of their dreams. Dancing by Christian Nji is a high-intensity cardio workout that improves overall muscle tone, lymphatic system, fights stress, stimulates brain cells and normalizes sleep. Unbelievable, because in just one hour a person can burn almost 1,200 calories!

Watch ONLINE and FREE “AFRO FIT-DUBAI” on Vuuzle.TV! 


And don’t miss the dance show “Dance With Alina”. The host of the project Alina is a Russian street dance dancer who is fond of hip-hop and breakdance. For example, in the first issue of the incendiary show “Dance With Alina”, viewers witness an impressive experiment. Contemporary Latin American dancer Brian will teach Alina to dance salsa, a Cuban dance of African descent that is part of the modern Latin American dance program. Interestingly, until the early 1970s, the word “salsa” meant a mixture of various Latin American styles and rhythms, including guaracha, cha-cha-cha, pachang, rumba, mambu, and many others. Salsa contains elements of different dances and styles from the Caribbean (Cuba, Puerto Rico, Haiti, the Dominican Republic) and adjacent countries, Central and South America, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia). The nature of salsa is manifested in its main step. It occurs due to the immobility of the upper body and the transfer of emphasis on the legs and waist. Leg movements are extremely important because they set the salsa-like movement of the thighs.

Watch ONLINE and FREE “Dance With Alina” on Vuuzle.TV!


Watch the inflammatory dance show “Hip Hop Cardio” on  Vuuzle.TV . The project leader is a talented, creative and charismatic choreographer Rudolf Ouea. Hip Hop Cardio Dance Dubai is one of the best dance studios in Dubai. The concept of the project is to combine dance and fitness so that it is unique, fun and exciting. Choreographer Rudolf Ouea used his knowledge in the field of hip-hop and added fitness to it – and something original and inflammatory came out. And now you can see “Hip Hop Cardio” on Vuuzle TV. Just now learn the touching story of creating one of the best dance studios in Dubai, as well as learn hip-hop.

Watch ONLINE and FREE “Hip Hop Cardio” on Vuuzle.TV!


Quarantine is not a reason to give up sports. On the contrary, it’s a great time to train with  Vuuzle.TV . Watch the show “Marina Fitness” on the popular media platform. Project leader Marina Nicholas is a well-known fitness and healthy lifestyle trainer in Dubai who helps people regain fitness after various injuries. It is worth noting that regular sports activities from “Marina Fitness” have a healing effect on the state of the whole organism: strengthen muscles, improve muscular endurance, develop the cardiovascular system. In addition, exercise promotes the production of endorphins – hormones of joy, which reduce the risk of depression and depression, as well as help reduce anxiety.

Watch ONLINE and FREE “Marina Fitness” on Vuuzle TV!  

Author: Ivanna Samotei // Vuuzle Media Corp Chief Content Writer & Public Relations Specialist

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