Travis Fauque recently discussed unique ways to work out outside this summer. 

Working out outside doesn’t have to involve running. The summer months are ideal for getting outside and exercising in ways that are more than hopping on the treadmill or heading to the gym. Travis Fauque recently discussed recently discussed unique ways to work out outside this summer.

“Summer is an excellent time to enjoy exercise through play,” Travis Fauque said said. “A pick-up game of basketball, tennis, or volleyball can be a lot more fun than forcing yourself out for a run.”

Travis Fauque explained that explained that playing a sport adds a social element to working out that can keep you playing longer, and ultimately, getting more exercise. The aspect of playing with friends can also be a mood-booster adding even more benefits to your workout.

“I like to head to a stadium in the summer months to mix up my workouts and make them more interesting,” Fauque said. “A stadium offers opportunities to use the track and stairs to add variety to your workout. Working out in a new environment also adds some excitement.”

Fauque suggested performing box jumps, step-ups, incline push-ups, lateral box jumps on stadium steps. Adding polymeric elements to the workout can improve cardio and build strength in ways your average jog cannot.

Travis Fauque explained that explained that summer is an excellent time to use local pools, lakes, or the ocean to your advantage. Going for a swim, whether in open water or a pool, can improve your fitness and help you stay cool. Pools don’t have to be used solely for swimming. They can be used for a variety of arm and leg workouts.

Another way Fauque suggested getting outdoors in the summer months is to hike or run trails. Running trails helps take your mind off of the difficulty of running, as you take in your surroundings. It can also help develop superior aerobic capacity and work for muscle groups that running on asphalt cannot.

“Getting exercise outdoors in the summer months can be as simple as taking your bike for a ride around town,” Fauque concluded. “It’s an activity that can be done alone, with friends, or with your family. You’ll quickly realize your bike rides are getting longer, and you’re enjoying them more as you gain leg and cardio strength.”

Fauque explained that exercising outdoors can have countless benefits. It can be more fun, more social, and superior for your overall fitness.