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Tommy Swanhaus, the 22X Best Selling Author, Top Influencer, Global Entrepreneur, and Digital/Social Media Expert opens the TOMMY SWANHAUS UNIVERSITY this Friday (9/25/20). Budding scholars will be able to enroll in a monthly subscription where they get a new course every month that will be focused on social media, digital advertising, digital media, branded content, amplifying content, along with leadership courses. The scholars will have their own profile, take tests after each section of a course, get report cards, along with having one on one office hours for each course. Scholars are allowed to take tests as many times as necessary to pass. Once scholars pass each course’s test they will receive a certificate and will be able to add that course to their LinkedIn page.

The Tommy Swanhaus University is first of its kind as it is gamifying education, which introduces competition to learning, along with encouragement from other scholars. Everything at the online university is gamified, so scholars will be driven, and will be eager to take and pass new classes as they race or compete against each other. Tommy Swanhaus says, “The courses are filled with excellent content that scholars will be to apply to their life right away.”

The Tommy Swanhaus University awards points for each section completed, along with each course passed. Individuals can also be awarded points for logging into the university 2X a day showing their dedication and drive to succeed. Badges will be awarded for each course completed. There is also a leaderboard where individuals can track, follow, and root for each other. The concept is similar to a spin class where one is able to see each other’s position and then strive to overcome one another.

Tommy Swanhaus says, “The courses are on things that people need to know today in order to grow or amplify their career and company. My goal of the courses are to bring up to speed or grow one’s career or company. I believe in putting processes in place, so one is able to efficiently and effectively scale their social media and online presence, which will increase their value.” Scholars will evolve their knowledge and “know-how” with each course they take. Courses will build off of each other.

Enrollment begins this Friday (September 25th). Once enrolled eager scholars can start learning right away with Tommy Swanhaus University’s Social Media 101 Course. The 1st course offered will teach one how to build a solid foundation for their social media. The Tommy Swanhaus University is offering monthly memberships to individuals and then offers tier discounted pricing depending on a company’s size, such a Small Company (less Than 50 people), Midsize Company (50 people to 250 people), Large Company (500 people to 1000 people), Huge Company (1000 people to 2000 people), along with companies over 2000 employees. Tommy Swanhaus University is able to take payment from all international credit cards while also giving everyone the option to signup through PayPal.

Tommy Swanhaus concludes by saying, “In today’s tough job market if you don’t understand and know how to do social media, digital media, etc., you will be replaced or your job will become obsolete.  My goal of The TOMMY SWANHAUS UNIVERSITY is to do the opposite and make my scholars non-replaceable and help their career actually grow or be amplified. Enroll now!”

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