Contrary to conventional belief, hypnosis is referred to in science and medicine as a state of intense focus under relaxation. Hypnotherapy is widely applied not only for mental health treatment but also for more severe chronic and autoimmune disease cases. A mental health practice based in the Netherlands shares optimistic results using an innovative combination of transformational hypnotherapy with coaching helping clients achieve breakthroughs in their autoimmune and chronic disease treatment.

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Thanks to hypnotherapy practitioner Olga Willemsen those suffering from autoimmune diseases, like Hashimoto’s disease, and similar maladies finally have a chance at the relief they deserve. Olga Willemsen, Ph.D., and her practice, New Empowered You, are making effective treatments accessible to clients with chronic and autoimmune conditions.

Olga explains that autoimmune disorders are largely the result of two factors: genetic-linked predisposition and lifestyle-linked predisposition. Because diseases like Hashimoto’s thyroiditis are genetically linked, it has long been the belief of the medical community that they are incurable. Olga Willemsen has discovered that by addressing the factors under a person’s control — lifestyle factors like sleep, nutrition, and the environment — targeted therapies, like hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), can alleviate the frustrating symptoms of a wide range of diseases in ways previously thought impossible.

Hypnotherapy practitioner Olga Willemsen discovered that by addressing lifestyle factors and mental health issues, clients can alleviate toxic stress and prevent disease. “Lifestyle changes are easier with hypnotherapy because it helps us change our thinking and enables us to change our beliefs more quickly, but also reduce symptoms quicker. To change negative beliefs, you need to change your attitudes towards your past, yourself, and your life,” – says Olga.

Olga Willemsen’s success in treating chronic diseases with hypnosis and NLP is rooted in her own experience. She herself received a diagnosis of Hashimoto’s disease — an autoimmune disease of the thyroid that conventional medicine considers incurable. After ten years of research and gathering her knowledge, Olga was able to achieve remission using hypnosis to address her mental health and making nutrition and lifestyle adjustments. “Contrary to what many people believe, hypnosis is an alert and focused state of mind that allows to bring about quick changes. Applied in a combination: neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), and hypnotherapy help people learn to switch states quickly. That’s what my hypno-coaching framework after the therapy sessions is all about. You can even learn self-hypnosis to practice it for the rest of your life,” – explains Olga Willemsen.

In her practice, Olga coaches her clients to recognize what is going on internally and influences their emotional state. From her perspective, the role of hypnotherapy in autoimmune disease treatment includes resolving limiting beliefs that stand in the way of lasting lifestyle changes and recovery from mental health disorders. This reduces the probability of chronic diseases and prevents their worsening, which serves as a base for remission.

“My mission though is to inspire others with my own story to look for solutions to their own condition. Unfortunately, most doctors would tell you that improvement and healing are not possible,” – concludes Olga.

About Olga Willemsen, Ph.D.

Olga Willemsen is a certified hypnotherapist, RTT therapist, and transformational coach based in The Hague, The Netherlands. Olga is a Ph.D. graduate in natural science majoring in biochemistry and combines her knowledge of natural sciences with neuroscience, psychotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) in her practice. She is also a member of the International Association of Counselors and Therapists, which applies multidisciplinary methodologies of holistic practitioners with a common goal of empowering humanity. Olga Willemsen is available for an interview upon request.

About New Empowered You

Hypnotherapy practice New Empowered You assists clients in alleviating stress and anxiety in various ways. Hypnotherapy and coaching sessions are multilingual and available in English, German, Russian, and Dutch. Olga’s Hypno-coaching method is effective in alleviating symptoms of burnout, depression, sleep disorders, trauma, lack of confidence, and self-sabotage.

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