Flatfoot, medically known as pes planus or a pronated foot, is a condition where the curvature of the sole of the foot deteriorates to flatten down, which can cause pain in the foot and may also affect a person’s ability to walk comfortably or run. Flat feet are commonly associated with heighted people, although no such biological connection or relation has been established. However, that’s not to say that flat feet are exclusively diagnosed on people over a certain height; since it can be a genetic issue, it could present on people not marking up to a certain height. However, since flat feet can cause a lot of issues, particularly when walking, aids like insoles should be used to minimize the pain and attempt to regain the curvature back. Here are the best insoles for flat feet that you can buy today.

As explained before, flat feet can develop over time or can be transmitted hereditarily. As such, there’s no proper diagnosis other than actually noticing and keeping track of the degradation of the curvature of the foot. Both have the same remedies; everything from insoles and special shoes designed to artificially arch the foot can be used to alleviate the pain and the common walking issues that accompany flatfoot. You can use insoles, which are the preferred choice of remedial treatment for flatfoot and can also be used to regain some of the curvature back. This passage will run you through some of the best and popular insoles that can be used for flat feet.

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Some might ask why is the curvature of the foot necessary and why does flat feet hurt while walking, running or during sports? Ideally, if common sense dictated this principal, people with flat feet would be able to run better and much more faster owing to the surface area that their foot comes in contact with the floor; however, it has much to do with the skeletal system of the foot, and more importantly, how bones in the foot are arranged in such a way that a curve in the sole is natural and helps us run and walk without any aid. Flat foot, as the name suggests, is the absence of this curve, which puts additional strain on the bones in the foot and could cause further complications that could limit mobility or affect it adversely. To regain the shape back and to lighten the burden on the bones, an insole is commonly used, placed in a shoe to help with the whole process. Here are some of the best insoles for flat feet.

The Best Insoles for Flat Feet

Following are some of the best options of insoles that you can buy for corrective remedy of flat feet; these are all products that can be bought online, from stores like Amazon or can also be bought from footwear shops, sold separately from their shoes. Anyways, here are some of the options for best insoles for flat feet,

  • Ramble Insole from Tread Labs

These stylish and trendy insoles, available in a variety of colors and innovative designs that make it fit with almost any shoe, Ramble Insole from Tread Labs is among one of the best insoles in the market right now for people suffering from flat feet and its associated issues. The build material is really soft and cushioned yet firm, which helps the foot regain its curvature back, improving the alignment of the bones and biomechanics of the bones in the foot. The amazing part of Ramble Insoles is that if they are damaged or are simply too worn out for use, only the upper part of the insole needs to be replaced, not the whole sole. This makes it one of the most budget-friendly options on the market right now, not to mention one of the best products as well.

  • Premium Orthotic Shoe Insoles from Power-Step Pinnacle

Made in the good ole US of A, and designed by a podiatrist, these insoles are for the active person who stays on the go all day. Since flat feet can tire a person excessively and cause pains, these insoles are specifically designed with a two-layer soft cushion, that supports and feels good and works actively to support the arch. The intelligent design and build also includes a soft and plush anti-microbial sheet that covers the entire insole, which helps it to reduce wear and tear of the product and protects it from excessive heat during prolonged and active use. These are also pretty budget-friendly and can cover a wide variety of foot issues, to help with the comfort.

  • Orthotic Insole from Vionic Active Collection

These funky colored and swoopy-styled insoles are one of the bestsellers on Amazon and boast some of the best technology and design insight that could go into designing an insole for the flat-footed. These insoles from Vionic Active feature a revolutionary ‘Tri-Planar Motion Control’ system that uses the base of the cushioned insole as a base to help realign the bones in the feet to reduce the flatness and encourages the development of an arch. What’s more, they are also very versatile and can be used in a variety of shoes and sneakers. They are also priced very moderately and are one of the best products to be used especially if your job or day contains a lot of time standing on hard surfaces.

  • Casual Arch Support by Birkenstock

These fully synthetic and cork-made insoles are a new and revolutionary type of insoles that have been proven to better counteract the effects of a flat foot. These insoles from Birkenstock are called ‘negative-heel’ insoles and work by utilizing a combination of contoured arches and high-sized sides that cradle the foot in such a way that the curvature of the foot is restored and the pain associated with the re-setting of the foot bones is minimized. Users have reviewed this particular product on Amazon with five stars, saying that the Birkenstock insole ‘has completely reduced pain’ upon usage and would recommend it to anyone suffering from the same issue. 

  • BLUE Premium Insoles from Super-Feet

These are among the most premium products in the market right now, and yet pricing falls in the mid-range category. As it gets obvious by the name, the BLUE Premium Insoles only come in blue, but have loads of other features that make it the most user-friendly and recommended product on the market. These insoles use cushioned pads for bio-mechanical support and shaping, which is basically an innovative design used for two different functionalities. The ideal user of the BLUE Premium Insoles would be an individual with medium-to-high degree of arch reduction and want immediate relief from pain and active restructuring of the foot base and bone. Its highly reinforced wall structuring and bacteria-proof coating means that you can use this without the worry for damage or odor.

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These are the five most used and best reviewed products that can be found on any online marketplace. All are made of high-quality materials and are priced competitively to help people with the issue not overspend on such remedial accessories. Lastly, all of these products will help with both the foot pain while performing activities and will also support the arch back to its normal and original position.