LINZ, Austria, September 14, 2022 — Storyblok, the content management system (CMS) category leader for 2022, today released findings from a new survey of 208 retail and e-commerce professionals who directly manage enterprise CMS systems.

The survey results revealed the latest digital retail trends happening around the Metaverse, CMS proliferation, and increasing website security attacks:

Content Management Systems Gone Wild

Retailers’ customer touchpoints have gone omnichannel, and the number of CMS systems deployed by enterprises is broadening as a result. 76 percent of enterprises surveyed have already deployed more than one CMS, and just over 10 percent have deployed five or more CMSs. Gone are the days when one monolithic CMS can handle it all.

“Because of the increasing variety of channels that customers now use to interact with brands, retailers are having trouble delivering the experience that customers expect. Managing multiple CMSs adds another layer of management burden. Moving to a headless CMS architecture can help streamline channel management by replacing custom integrations with standard APIs,” said Dominik Angerer, CEO & Co-founder of Storyblok.

Metaverse E-commerce Experiences Are Increasing

While many brands are still discussing what the Metaverse even is, retailers and e-commerce companies are already taking action.

Slightly more than 20 percent of retailers and e-commerce companies are already extending their CMS to display content into Metaverse environments to showcase their branded images and products.

Enterprises are reporting that their CMS currently delivers content into alternative digital channels including:

  • 16 percent into Virtual Reality environments
  • 11 percent into Augmented Reality
  • 17 percent to Smart Speakers

“These survey findings speak to the curiosity among consumers to try out interesting new digital environments, and the need for retailers and e-commerce sites to keep pace. A headless CMS architecture is by far the easiest way to deploy content to new channels as quickly as they arise, via simple APIs,” said Thomas Peham, Storyblok’s Vice President of Marketing.

Cyber Hackers Find New Attack Vector

Malicious cyber attacks on retail enterprises have found a new point of entry: the Content Management System (CMS). 1 in 5 enterprises surveyed (20.6%) are seeing an increased number of attacks coming in via their CMS.

“As websites become more vital to business operations and host a wider variety of digital asset types, web-based attacks become critical vectors and securing the CMS is now essential,” said Sebastian Gierlinger, VP of Engineering at Storyblok. “In response to these risks, modern CMS architectures are often ‘headless,’ meaning that the back-end repository is not directly coupled to the front-end presentation layer, so if one end is attacked the other end is not also compromised.”

Enterprises should also be verifying that their current CMS platform is certified to the latest ISO 27001 Information Security Management standard. In addition, the APIs used by the CMS platform should be protected with a TLS v1.2 (or higher) encryption protocol.

Survey Methodology

The findings above are from a survey of 781 US-based retail and e-commerce-related enterprises, fielded on SurveyMonkey during August 2022, of which 208 respondents were further qualified as directly managing or working closely with the website Content Management System (CMS) at their company. The results cited in this document are based on the 208 qualified respondents, and have a margin of error of +/-6% at a 90 percent confidence level.

Additional results from the survey can be requested by contacting

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