InsightAce Analytic Pvt. Ltd. announces the publication of a market research report titled Global Spatial Omics Solutions Market By Application (Diagnosis, Translation Research, Drug Discovery And Development, Single Cell Analysis, Cell Biology And Other Applications), Solution Type (Instruments, Consumables And Services), Sample Analyzed (DNA, RNA, And Protein Samples), End-User Segment (Academic And Research Institutions, Biopharmaceutical And Biotechnological Companies, Contract Research Organizations And Other)- Trends, Industry Competition Analysis, Revenue and Forecast To 2030.”

According to the most recent report by InsightAce Analytic, the global market for spatial omics solutions is valued at US$ 232.6 million in 2021 and is projected to reach US$ 587.2 million by 2030, expanding at a CAGR of 11.18 percent from 2022 to 2030.

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The term “spatial omics” refers to a series of technologies that permit the superimposition of -omics data on images of tissue. Several distinct types of omics studies are bundled together under the umbrella term “omics.” As an illustration, genomics examines the entire genome, transcriptomics examines RNA, and proteomics investigates protein content. The spatial phenotyping approach has replaced decoding the primary sequence of genes with analysing the position and interaction of cell types and biomarkers (DNA/RNA/Protein). Next-generation sequencing (NGS) techniques can combine spatial phenotyping systems with relative ease. Consequently, novel devices are being used to advance research from the discovery stage to the translational and clinical phases. There has been tremendous advancement in the field of omics-based analysis. The creators of spatial-omics solutions are exerting significant effort to expand the use of their innovative technologies among a broad spectrum of clientele, including academic research centres, research institutes, and biopharmaceutical companies. As a result, they are attempting to incorporate more sophisticated features into their products. These characteristics consist of high-multiplexing, automated sample processing, biomarker-specific gene panels, and machine learning-based picture analysis.

The market is being driven by the increasing prevalence of diverse genetic illnesses, global breakthroughs in sequencing technology, and an increase in financing for spatial omics research. This unique technique allows for a greater understanding of the mechanisms that drive the specific cell interactions at the tumour boundaries, which is incredibly useful for the early diagnosis of cancer. In addition, new advanced devices introduced by medical device manufacturers will promote research into spatial OMICS’ potential as a tool for cancer diagnostics, which will contribute to the market’s growth. In addition, the increasing usage of spatial genomics and transcriptomics for medication development and biomarker identification is anticipated to fuel market revenue growth over the forecast period.

However, the absence of computational analytic tools and the significant capital expenditure required for worldwide expansion are two market constraints. In addition, a slow rate of technological advancement may hinder the growth of the market for spatial omics solutions.

As a result of advances in healthcare infrastructure, increases in per capita income, and the presence of advanced research institutions, North America presently maintains the largest share of the global market for spatial omics solutions.

The list of prominent and exclusive market players comprises Flagship Biosciences, Fluidigm Corporation, 10x Genomics, Inc., Bruker, NanoString Technologies, Inc., BioSpyder Technologies,  Bio-Techne Corporation, Inc, Dovetail Genomics, Akoya Biosciences, Inc., Rebus Biosystems, S2 Genomics, Inc., Canopy Biosciences, IONpath, Inc., Miltenyi Biotec, RareCyte, Inc., Visikol, Inc., Illumina Inc., Seven Bridges Genomics, Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc., Fluidigm Corporation, Genomic Vision, Resolve Biosciences, Lunaphore Technologies, Molecular Machines & Industries (MMI), Readcoor, Inc., Vizgen Corp., Optical Biosystems, Inc., Ultivue, Inc., Cytiva and other vital companies as well as a number of other essential corporations, have received funding.

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Market developments of significance

Vizgen demonstrated the expansion of the MERSCOPETM In Situ Single-Cell Spatial Genomics Platform at AGBT in June 2022. Recent company announcements include the expansion of the company’s product roadmap and the release of FFPE Human Immuno-oncology data. Vizgen’s product enhancements will allow for greater sample input flexibility and the creation of new applications.

AstraZeneca and Akoya Biosciences, Inc. committed to develop innovative multiplex immunofluorescence (MIF) procedures and spatial biomarker signatures using Akoya’s PhenopticsTM technology in June 2021. Advanced Biopharma Solutions (ABS) is a premium service product from Akoya. The immuno-oncology division of AstraZeneca teamed with ABS to harness the extensive spatial phenotyping capabilities of the PhenopticsTM platform. This will allow them to investigate pharmacological mechanisms of action, establish the prevalence of target biology, and identify signatures that can be used to design future clinical trials.

10x Genomics bought ReadCoor and Cartana, two in situ analytical technology development firms, in October 2020. Cartana develops in situ RNA analysis technology, whereas ReadCoor has a spatial multiomics platform based on in situ fluorescence sequencing technology. In a statement, 10x Genomics stated that the agreements give them authority over more than 110 patents.

Bruker Corporation announced the release of the Vutara VXL Super-Resolution Fluorescence Microscope, designed for nanoscale biological imaging, in October 2020. Complex spatial biology research in the fields of virology, neuroscience, and live-cell imaging, as well as extracellular matrix structures and extracellular vesicles, can be conducted with the aid of this novel method (EV).


Market Sectionalization:

Global Market for Spatial Omics Solutions, by Solution Type, 2022-2030 (US$ Millions)

  • Instruments
  • Consumables
  • Services

Global Market for Spatial Omics Solutions, by Sample Analyzed, 2022-2030 (Value in Million US Dollars)

  • DNA
  • RNA
  • Protein

Global Market for Spatial Omics Solutions, by Application, 2022-2030 (US$ Millions)

  • Diagnostics
  • Translation Studies
  • Drug Development and Discovery
  • Single Cell Analysis
  • cell biology
  • Different Applications

Global Market for Spatial Omics Solutions, by End-User, 2022-2030 (US$ Mn)

  • Academic and Research Establishments
  • Biopharmaceutical and Biotech Corporations
  • Research Contracting Organization
  • Other Customers

Global Market for Spatial Omics Solutions, by Region, 2022-2030 (in Millions of US Dollars)

  • Europe
  • North America
  • Asia Pacific
  • South America
  • Mideast and Africa

Market for Spatial Omics Solutions in North America, by Country, 2022-2030 (US$ Mn)

  • U. S.
  • Canada

Market for Spatial Omics Solutions in Europe, by Country, 2022-2030 (US$ Mn)

  • Germany
  • France
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Russia
  • Other Europe

Asia-Pacific Market for Spatial Omics Solutions, by Country, 2022-2030 (US$ Mn)

  • India
  • China
  • Japan
  • Republic of Korea
  • Australasia and Oceania

Market for Spatial Omics Solutions in Latin America, by Country, 2022-2030 (US$ Mn)

  • Brazil
  • Mexico
  • The remainder of Latin America

Middle East & Africa Market for Spatial Omics Solutions, by Country, 2022-2030 (US$ Mn)

  • GCC Countries
  • African nation of South Africa
  • The Remainder of Middle East and Africa

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