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New York Sept 18th, 2020

The company offers a strategic suite of unique proprietary technologies with the most popular alternative payment types to faciliate contactless E-commerce payment transactions, Mobile/Web Wallets, FX Banking Rails and EMV POS Card-Present deployments globally through Partner gateway networks and Banks. These payment types are integrated into the company’s business applications and licensed to Banks and Enterprises as an agnostic ready to deploy solution.

SnartCard Marketing Systems Inc  (OTC:SMKG) is joining the ranks of rapidly growing Payment Technology companies with the uniqueness of having its own proprietary portfolio of industry applications for Retail, Travel, Hospitality, Transit, Workforce, Banking & Events Management. The company most recently added to its portfolio by expanding into Tele­-Med (Doctor-Vid), Biometrics Tele-Conference Security ( and Remote Acccess Education (

The company has direct interests in several partnerships in India, Philippines, North America and most recently in the Caribbean. In each of the these partnerships the company focuses licensings its technology and securing a portfolio of Merchants and Consumers to build when licensing to a pool of potential merchants and customers that can be activated after licensing which will generate long-term recurring revenues from transactions and accumalative number of users.

About us: SmartCard Marketing Systems Inc (OTC:SMKG) is an industry leader in specialized industry cloud and mobility applications to the global PayTech and FinTech markets. SMKG is an entrepreneurial boutique technology company, providing business intelligence and digital transformation strategies with a proprietary portfolio of applications and wireframes for banking, enterprises, retail e-wallets, digital id-e-KYC, digital workforce, events management, education, telemedicine and ride-booking industries. For more info visit or visit our business applications marketplace at

We seek a safe harbor.

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Massimo Barone CEO
SmartCard Marketing Systems Inc. OTC:SMKG
Ph: 1-844-843-7296


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