Almost everyone has asked whether to buy a massage chair when they started interested in this device. In fact, this is a relatively difficult question to answer because they depend on each person’s needs and preferences.

Massage chairs are not cheap, so it is not completely normal to consider whether to buy a massage chair. If you are in need of health care but have not found the appropriate answer to this problem, please refer to the article below. Let’s find out

1. Should I use a massage chair?

To answer the question of whether to use a massage chair, let’s take a look at some of the benefits that a massage chair can bring to users.

1.1. Health benefits

As a health care device based on the effects of traditional massage therapies, massage chairs bring relaxation and great health improvement for users. The massage chair relieves muscle aches and pains, promotes blood circulation, improves respiration and skeletal system and boosts immunity. Thanks to the positive impact on overall health, massage chairs are very popular and more and more purchased for home use.

Massage chairs have been shown to relieve all types of aches including headaches, muscle aches in body areas including neck, back, shoulders,… Studies show that massage helps reduce cortisol concentration and serotonin increase up to 28%. Serotonin is one of the substances that helps the body fight pain. By reducing cortisol and increasing serotonin, the body will be able to control pain better.

1.2. Improve mental health

Mental health care is extremely essential for those who are constantly under pressure at work. Every day, you have to face dozens of jobs, you always have to be in a state of fatigue, drowsiness, mind tightening like a string after work. This is the time when you can use a massage chair to help your spirit relax and become more comfortable. It will help you regain your balance, have a good and healthy spirit to prepare you for the next productive, active day.

1.3. Convenient and economical healthcare solutions

The wellness massage is great. However, outside massage services are often quite expensive. Besides, for those who have a busy job, there is not much time to go for a regular massage. All of these will be overcome if you own a massage chair at home. It only takes a little initial investment cost and you can actively use the massage chair anytime you want. Not only that, this chair is also suitable for all objects in the family, investing only once but it is effective for the whole family, so it is extremely convenient, useful and extremely economical.

With all of the above physical and mental health benefits, it may not be difficult for us to decide whether to buy a massage chair? Massage chair is indeed a product worth investing in. It can help the whole family to have good health, stay in a happy and relaxed state. Currently, the massage chair is one of the health care devices that Vietnamese families love and trust the most to use despite its relatively high cost compared to other health care equipment.

2. Factors to consider before deciding whether to buy a massage chair?

2.1. Demand

Usage is one of the important factors to evaluate whether we should buy a massage chair? Consider what purpose you want to buy a massage chair for, who is a regular user … Of course we all know that massage chairs are for health care but they won’t be an all-rounder, instead Completely other health care therapies. Therefore, please carefully re-evaluate your needs to be able to make an accurate decision.

2.2. Designs and features

The market is increasingly diversifying models and designs of massage chairs. Each type has different features, suitable for different types of subjects. So, when choosing to buy products, you should consider directly to the store to see if the design is suitable for your area and living space. Besides, the seat design is suitable for you or for family use; can I make myself comfortable sitting on a massage chair? As well as the features that this massage chair offers, have you satisfied with your needs for use yet. Each person will have a different location, so you need to clearly define your needs in order to be advised by the staff at the store – who are knowledgeable about the models, the best product features to advise you. choose the right massage chair.

2.3. Review and try a chair before you buy

After determining whether you really should use a massage chair or not, you should have a careful look at the chair you want to buy. This includes what material the chair is made of, how the massage functions, how the roller and airbag are designed, and many other functions, such as music relaxation therapy, infrared heat …or not. In addition, to be sure, you can come directly and try the chair at the store for a clearer and more detailed consultation.

2.4. Don’t ignore the branding factor

One of the important factors when choosing to buy a massage chair is branding. The massage chair brand will help you give a preliminary assessment of the quality of the chair and easily make a decision about whether you should buy a massage chair? Of course, the big brands, which have been on the market for a long time, will often guarantee more quality, prestige as well as the warranty period and the after-sales policies that come with them and vice versa.

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2.5. Product price

Finally, the price of the chair is an extremely important factor to help you evaluate whether to buy a massage chair? Consider the average price of massage chairs on the market as well as a comparison between the types of chairs of different brands to be able to make the right choice. Normally, massage chairs with a price of 20 million or more are relatively stable in terms of quality and functionality.