Are you a content writer and willing to learn press release writing for your IT company? If yes, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll learn all the tips to write an overrated press release for an IT company and best practices of press release distributions.

Press releases are very similar to content writing. They generally use the same format but a different tone. They also have a different target audience.

Before taking you into the nitty-gritty of press release writing, let me define the term first.

Key Learning Points

  • What is a press release?
  • How to write a press release for an IT company?
  • Things to avoid when writing a press release.
  • Types of press releases for an IT company.
  • Tips for press release distributions.

What is a Press Release?

According to Wikipedia, a press release is:

An official statement delivered to members of the news media for the purpose of providing information, creating an official statement, or making an announcement directed for public release.

It’s the primary information source and is considered more valuable than any other piece of content.

A press release collects all the relevant information and sends it out to the masses. You may find it under Press Releases, Press, Media, Media Center, or similar links. Some companies prefer maintaining solid PR accounts via the best press release distribution services.

Writing Press Release for an IT Company

Writing press releases is almost similar to writing any other marketing content. It must be valuable for readers, serve a purpose, have an impressive title, intro, and body.

Let me take you through the step-by-step guide to learning press releases for IT companies:

Find a valuable news

News always has something important in it. Make sure the news release has something suitable for readers. An IP or listing on the stock exchange could be valuable for an IT company. Or perhaps when a new C-level employee joins the company.

On the other hand, sharing news about a new unknown client or entry-level employee’s hiring isn’t that valuable.

What’s the purpose of the press release?

No content on the web goes out without a purpose. If it’s out, it must have a purpose. Find what’s the purpose of your news release.

Do you want people to visit your website or just want to share relevant information? Whatever the intention is, write accordingly. For example, if your purpose is sharing news about the happenings, don’t force them to buy your product/services.

Use an eye-grabbing title

After you have the purpose, it’s time to start writing the news content. As always, you need to have a strong title for the PR.

Writing a solid title is a hefty process. You can’t start with the one that comes straight into your mind. I suggest writing at least ten titles and then choosing the best one.

You may consider adding a number to the title based on the content. Numbers are one of the many things that attract readers’ attention. While going with numbers, prefer using a prime number.

If numbers don’t work for you, make it a question. It gives a clear picture and helps the reader understand what the content would be about.

I would also suggest adding action verbs.

Lastly, don’t forget to add the primary keyword in the title. It helps in SEO.

Starting the content

Starting the content is often the most crucial thing. There’ll be a lot of things revolving around your mind. 

The best way to start an intro is to answer the purpose of the post, who’ll benefit from it, and some key learning points.

The introductory paragraph doesn’t have to be too long. You can keep it short and still convey your message. Besides that, I’ll also suggest adding the keyword at the beginning of the content. That boosts SEO strategy.

Adding quotes in the body

Press releases build solid trust among readers. To take it to the next level, I recommend adding a quote or two in the body of the news release.

The best quotes are the ones coming straight from the company. For example, if your company is launching a new app, note down the words from the project manager (or the higher management) and add that into the body.

Ending the content with a boilerplate

Press releases usually end with a brief intro to your company. It’s a boilerplate. Journalists like that. Tell a little about your company and its achievements. That will help readers know you better, building more value to the core of the content.

Revise the content

Once you’re done with the content, revise the whole content to avoid mistakes. 

Double-check the content from a reader’s perspective:

  • Does the press release have all the essential elements?
  • Is it newsworthy?
  • Does it have a catchy headline? 
  • Is it non promotional?

If everything replies in a big YES, your press release is ready to go out to the masses. Now it’s time to distribute it to the right audience.

But first, let’s look at the DON’Ts of writing a press release.

What to Avoid while Writing a Press Release?

When crafting an overrated PR, the things to avoid are the most common mistakes we often make in a rush. Avoid these simple mistakes, and your content is good to go.

What to Avoid while Writing a Press Release


You don’t have a story

Press releases aren’t creative writing. These are news. Tackle them carefully.

When writing news, make you it comes with value. No journalist will read the news if it isn’t helpful. If anything doesn’t sound noteworthy or is outdated, leave it. You may draft a blog instead.

You haven’t told the story in the first few lines

Every expert writer suggests telling a bit about the content in the first few lines. Press releases are no different than others.

When you start a PR with an off-topic, readers won’t be interested in that. They’ll soon leave the content, and your PR would be lost.

The quotes don’t sound authentic

Although, anyone can say anything. Professionals avoid using words that are hard to understand. If you don’t remember your CEO’s comments in the product launch event, go to him/her and ask to revise that. It would do good for your PR.

Types of Press Releases for an IT Company

Anything valuable for the masses can become a new release. Here I’ve listed only a few for IT companies:

Types of Press Releases for an IT Company

New Apps

Social media channels are in the limelight. Everyone is using at least one of them. Seeing that, IT companies are working on different channels. Now we have tons of similar apps and platforms. Tell interested users about that if your company has just developed and launched a new social media app or platform. The foremost valuable audience would be tech journalists and media representatives.

Mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions are common today. Big companies eat up the sole of smaller start-ups. If you have faced something like that, share it with the world and tell them what they must expect from that new event.


Have your company just organized an annual conference? How would the target audience know that? Roll out valid press releases, invite interested users about the big day, and share details.

New Partnerships

I recently received a word from Brian Dean, founder of Backlinko, to sell the startup to Semrush. That hot news soon became a PR and rolled out over big platforms. If you also have something big happenings like that, share it with your audience.

Executive Promotions/Hiring

How big was that when Sundar Pichai joined Google as the CEO in 2015? Such news sells like hotcakes. You can also share the same if a partner enters or leaves the company.

Tips for Press Release Distributions

Writing a press release isn’t that hard. You just need a few guidelines to become an expert in that. The major work starts when distributing press releases.

There are essentially two ways of distributing news releases:

  1. Hiring press release distribution services
  2. Establishing relationships with journalists

Let’s begin with the easy and profit-returning method:

Hiring Press Release Distribution Services

It’s the best and the easiest way to distribute press releases. You look for press release distribution services, inquire about their services, compare with competitors, and hire the best one. The process is as short as could be completed in a day or two. You also don’t have to call them. Just read about their services, fill out the online registration forms, submit the PR, and they would do the rest.

Establishing relationships with journalists

Not interested in hiring a press release distributor? The next best option is to do everything manually.

This method requires your time and effort. Find as many related journalists as you can. Read their guidelines to write and submit press releases. Make an extensive media list with relevant details (publishers’ name, contact details, website, etc.). Write the PR according to guidelines and start distributing.

The Bottom Line

Now that you know how to write a press release for an IT company, it’s time to start finding newsworthy stories, write top-quality content, and roll out the release.