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PowerPublish is thrilled to announce that Mat Gallagher has joined the company as a full-time Content Director. As PowerPublish’s editorial leader, he plays an integral part in the management of our talent marketplace of brand journalists.

Gallagher is a former journalist with 17 years of experience in the technology, travel and lifestyle fields. Originally from England, he has managed content teams in the United Kingdom, China, Hong Kong and the U.S. He has also written for international brands, including Time Out, MGM, JW Marriott, LVMH, Time Inc. and Amazon.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has caused brands to reimagine the way they create content and fire their ad agencies. PowerPublish is a game-changer.  By providing premium brand content, written by experienced journalists, we can deliver authentic pieces that actually engage the audience rather than simply selling to them,” says Gallagher.

Backed by newsroom technology, Gallagher will oversee a virtual team of leading brand journalists ready to craft high-quality, engaging content for leading brand marketers. Under his direction, PowerPublish empowers modern brands to take control of their content, access freelance writers and publish premium content such as blogs, white papers and social media content.  Brands save over 50% versus expensive ad agencies by using PowerPublish.

About PowerPublish:  PowerPublish is transforming the way modern brands source and publish premium content.  The PowerPublish intuitive platform delivers ‘instant access to a network of talented brand journalists.’  Leading brands are replacing their expensive ad agencies with PowerPublish. Awesome content starts with PowerPublish!


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