Lots of people around the globe have the ability to inspire others with their stories of how they overcame adversity. Dirceu Da Silva is among few public speaking coaches whose method empowers speakers from all walks of life to inspire others despite the fear of being on stage.

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Da Silva Consultancy focuses on keynote speaking, helping people from every industry and background overcome glossophobia – the fear of public speaking experienced by 80% of the population. Being a distinguished and inspirational speaker himself, Dirceu has the know-how of addressing glossophobia with precision and efficiency. As a result, every individual who sought Dirceu’s help is able to share their story with the public and even large crowds. Dirceu Da Silva believes that, “If you can inspire the people around you, you will have a rich life.”

With this motto, the award-winning public speaker and coach Da Silva encourages his trainees with optimistic messages saying: “The strength in people is not determined by assets and net worth but by the passion that drives them crazy. It is passion that gives birth to inspirational stories.”

Therefore, Dirceu emphasizes the meaning of passion when he coaches clients to present their ideas and stories with impact. Inspiration is passed on from one spectator to another, increasing the audience’s involvement and motivation. As a result, the flow of positive energy that stems from the speaker’s passion reaches thousands of people in the audience in an instant.


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With over 25 years of experience as a keynote speaker and coach, Dirceu Da Silva, is well versed in techniques that capture and retain the public’s attention. Through his straight-to-the-point consultancy services and applicable public speaking training, he helps others become confident speakers and storytellers. 

When you share your message with clarity, and deliver it with passion, you make a powerful impression on the audience. Dirceu helps clients share those success stories with assertiveness for maximum impact. By combining the components such as inspiration, passion, humor with thought-provoking topics, Dirceu makes sure that every single person in the room is moved. 

Dirceu Da Silva’s tenacity in acquiring skills, knowledge, and experience is instrumental in his becoming a three-time National Champion in Public Speaking who is also revered internationally. Dirceu’s unwavering personality has been welcomed by platforms such as TEDx, ABN AMRO, EY, Women’s Business Network, United World Colleges, CBS Plus and Allianz to name a few. 

As a chairman and host of numerous events, Dirceu makes sure the audiences are fully immersed from the start to finish. His authentic, energetic, and unique way of expressing ideas, sharing practices, and explaining concepts instills positivity and touches people’s hearts. Whether he speaks about professional life or personal development, Da Silva’s priceless anecdotes leave no one indifferent.

Dirceu’s work is hugely inspired by ‘The Art of Rhetoric’ by Aristotle who describes three pillars that make a speech extremely impactful. Firstly, there is Ethos which stands for the character and credibility of the speaker. While telling an inspirational story, it is important for the speakers to win the trust of the audience by establishing themselves as experts on the topic. This technique requires charisma, wit, integrity, and credibility. 

The second element is known as Pathos which stands for appealing to the audience’s deeper emotions and beliefs. It helps navigate the public’s feelings and keep them engaged with the topic that they can relate to. Pathos often addresses emotional needs and includes motivational elements.

The last element is Logos, the most important element when it comes to supporting logical debates and discussions with argumentation. Logos is based on reasoning, statistical reports, data, substantiation, and universal truths. It helps to shed light on the rational side and establishes proven facts that support the speech to enhance the impact of Pathos. 

Dirceu Da Silva masterfully applies all three elements in his speeches and training programs. A fine blend of these three persuasion methods in the right proportion is what makes his delivery so impactful. The combination of theoretical and practical knowledge makes Da Silva’s Keynote Training extremely effective in helping clients prepare for speaking on stage and overcome stress associated with it. The training addresses topics such as Inspiring Leadership, Storytelling, Speaking for Groups, The Best Version of Yourself, ProMindset, Pitch Yourself (Speaking for TEDx), Persuasive Presenting, and more. All of these aspects are tailored to support the trainee’s professional and personal development. 

Lots of talented people around the world have the fear of public speaking. Due to the lack of experience, they often lack the motivation required to learn to overcome it, which prevents them from sharing their story with passion. Dirceu helps clients to overcome the fear and establish an emotional connection with the audience. His effective training programs helped thousands of people gain confidence to speak on stage and inspire others with their success stories. As an award-winning public speaker and coach, Dirceu Da Silva’s work stems from his mission to empower others to fulfill their ambitious goals and dreams. Visit https://dirceudasilva.com to learn more.


About Da Silva Consultancy

Da Silva Consultancy is a public speaking coaching provider headquartered in the Netherlands with a 25+ years track record of speaking on stage. The firm’s portfolio includes Europe’s largest stages, events and partnerships with organizations such as the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security, the Big Four accounting firms and banks, TEDx, Toastmasters International, and more. 

Despite his title of a Three-Times National Champion in Public Speaking, the firm’s founder Dirceu Da Silva humbly prefers to be addressed by his nickname Didi. Having already trained thousands of people, Didi, and his team relentlessly pursue their mission to change more lives by giving the stage to the trainees and their inspirational stories. 


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