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Day by day cities are growing in terms of population, traffic congestion and others, to make cities more living worthy, there is a need to address traffic-related challenges.

Day by day cities are growing in terms of population, traffic congestion and others, to make cities more living worthy, there is a need to address traffic-related challenges. There is a need for an effective solution to reduce the growing traffic congestion issue. Public transit and municipal authorities of the cities can become the manager to address the mobility needs such as channeling the people movement ineffective way, controlling the traffic and providing incentives on employing sustainable transport mode.

Every city is different and so do their requests and pain points. Approach to address the issues also needs to vary depending upon the pressing issues or immediate problem. At present, every city has some kind of Mobility Platforms but these platform is not being availed by everyone and neither is the sole solution to address the challenges. There is a need to add new features to the current mobility platform to make them more attractive and relevant in the current market scenario i.e. creating an urgency to address the market needs. This will further help that citizen of the different group are using the mobile applications are not. Once the mobility platform connects every type of transportation service, it will be easier for the customer to choose the mode of travel. The problem still persists with the cities and there is a need to offer flexibility in the mobile application.

To address the above-mentioned challenges, there is a need for mobility as a service (MaaS) model. This will further help to bring all the mobility solutions on the user’s finger such as mobility energy storage. In addition, he no longer needs to own a car or think about the parking spaces in the future. But just setting up software as a service model is not enough, there is much more to the MaaS platform.

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One of the biggest markets is mobility and this market is waiting to be completely digitalized. The Mobility Market takes all modes of mobility into the picture and the market is very huge. The market is huge but the digitization is not done for every market, furthermore, different countries have a different level of digitalization. Only 6% of private car parking space is digitized in Germany. There is a lot of untapped market and plenty of opportunities for the improvement.

Shared mobility which also includes public transit will grow tremendously. The urban mobility spectrum cannot leave public transit out of its scope area. For achieving the required growth, public transit is required and it will serve as the backbone. Thus the mobility platform needs to include the transit ticket fees in the share to make the model more attractive. In developed countries, public transit still dominates and for a lot of people, it is the most efficient means of transportation and also helps to avoid city traffic jams. This further showcases that every mobility platform should be multimodal in nature and should also offer public transit application through its platform.

Once all the transport modes are integrated under one platform, now if the customer shifts from market to market by employing different modes of transport, they will still have to make payment only through one platform. The mobility platforms will be able to achieve with the help of geofencing. The payment will be processed on the main platform and will share with the other service offering companies once the customer avails the service.

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In some cities and countries, public transit is commissioned in an attractive way, while in others the margin is much lower. So budgeted mobility will be one of the best product to offers the customers, especially to the working employees. Under budgeted mobility, the employer can provide its employee with the incentive to travel around the city with the help of one mobility platform. This methodology will help to target different age groups and is also expected to be the successful business model in the future.

This kind of business model will be loved by both employees and the employer. This will help the employees the feeling of being cared and paid by the company. Whereas for the employer, it will help them create a brand value as the company which cares for their employees. Just like insurance, this type of business model will be fruitful in the future. This types of business model will be more successful than the subscription-based model which is target B2C. Partnering with the employer will help to realize the recurring business and the user doesn’t have to decide every month about the program renewal. Companies are expected to operate on the yearly model with the mobility platform provider.

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