ATLANTA, GA – (August 16, 2022) — Maptician, makers of market leading intelligent space and occupancy management technology, announce general availability of Scenario Planning, designed to help law firms optimize hybrid office space and return-to-office (RTO) strategies. Scenario Planning is an unprecedented office space visualization tool powered by Maptician’s proprietary mapping engine and enables firms to easily create sand-boxed versions of complex seating assignments, furniture layouts, schedules and architecture so firms can optimize their office space and RTO strategies. Maptician is a sponsor of ILTA and will be at ILTACON in National Harbor, MD, August 21-25.

The vast majority of attorneys (86%) prefer hybrid operations. Most law firms (75%) are accommodating some level of flexible work, but are challenged to create robust return-to-office (RTO) strategies that capture the evolving complexity of attorney preferences and evolving space utilization needs as firms re-think the meaning and use of their office spaces.

Maptician is the law firm market leader in intelligent space and occupancy management technology.  The company’s proprietary mapping technology delivers elegant, user-friendly maps with layers that create a richly detailed user interface encompassing the 4 layers of space planning:

  • Architecture. Users easily create: Interior and exterior walls, entrances, windows, fixed features such and stairs/elevators and more.
  • Furniture. All furniture objects are customizable and drag and drop.
  • Areas. Areas categorize space and visualize office flow such as to denote open work spaces or enclosed spaces like Offices, Conference Rooms, Meeting Rooms, Break Rooms.
  • Data. Data spans: Seats, points of interest, security and health and safety resources or plans.

With Scenario Planning, law firms are able to evolve their hybrid, RTO strategies in almost real-time by:

  • Creating and comparing different floor plan options
  • Toggling between different scenarios and map layers to find the best layout
  • Implementing with ease optimized scenario plans as the main floor plan

Maptician Chief Executive Officer, Alaa Pasha, comments, “The workplace of today is dynamic and will continue to evolve and change as companies and law firms embrace and optimize the hybrid work model. We are thrilled to empower our law firm clients with an easy-to-use tool to help them plan for upcoming office changes with the ability to see their changes visually in real-time. We look forward to continually driving innovative features to Maptician that solve our clients’ real-world challenges.”Maptician is a sponsor of ILTACON, held in National Harbor, MD, August 21-25.  For more information on Maptician’s technology, please visit

About Maptician
Maptician is a market-leading cloud-based intelligent space and occupancy management solution that helps law firms, financial and professional companies, and enterprises optimize people and space for hybrid operations.Simple and intuitive, Maptician provides unprecedented reporting and analytics for space planning and finance professionals as well as the industry’s most user-friendly UX, enabling professionals to optimize their own in-office schedules and workplaces.  With Maptician, companies are empowered to make great decisions about people and space.

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