Manifest Climate to explore the benefits and outstanding challenges of the TCFD in upcoming webinar with independent research firm

Moderators will discuss the global support for TCFD and how businesses can use the framework to improve their climate journey

By 2021, the TCFD (Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures) now has over 6,000 supporters, including ?nancial institutions responsible for assets totalling $194 trillion. Six countries include mandatory TCFD reporting requirements and more are expected to follow suit. To help businesses navigate and successfully disclose in alignment with the framework, climate intelligence SaaS platform Manifest Climate and independent research ?rm Verdantrix will co-host a webinar entitled “TCFD Expert Series: Mastering TCFD Disclosures” on   Jan 18,2022.


During this session, the presenters will discuss the growing support for the TCFD, the very real challenges that remain, and how companies can use this framework to improve their management of climate risks and opportunities. Why is this webinar so important?

“The TCFD has emerged as a key tool to identify, manage, assess and disclose climate-related risks and opportunities. More and more countries and regulators are moving towards mandatory TCFD-aligned reporting, so businesses need to be prepared,” said Pete Richardson, Climate Strategist for Manifest Climate. “But even if mandatory TCFD reporting has not yet reached your country or sector, the framework is still the best way to learn more about your business and its relationship to climate change.”

Richardson along with Vedantrix’s ESG Research Analyst Connor Taylor will present their views on TCFD during the webinar. They will explore why and how the TCFD has received widespread support and why it’s still hard for stakeholders to access climate-related information. They will also examine how companies can navigate the complex world of climate service and technology providers.

About Manifest Climate

 Manifest Climate is a climate intelligence SaaS platform that combines cutting-edge technology, an industry-leading database of climate disclosures, and ongoing support from climate experts to deliver best-in-class climate guidance at scale.

It provides an easier, faster, and more cost-effective way for organizations to build climate competency, stay on top of key climate trends and the climate-related performance of peers, understand how to improve their climate actions and disclosures and build resilience to the impact of climate change on their business.

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