PENSACOLA, Fla. | Mock trials, focus groups, jury selection and voir dire are major components of case development that were once only held on-site, as remote trials were non-existent pre-pandemic. With 2023 around the corner, jury research will continue to drive case themes and strategy while combining the old and new normal.

Attorneys who have struggled with the lack of flexibility of in-person research will continue to have a viable alternative in the form of online jury research, as most of the Pandemic’s rigid restrictions are lifted.

Currently, there is an increase in cases being sent to trial — fueling the growing need for jury research as the post-pandemic backlog in civil litigation relaxes — according to Keith Pounds, PhD., Senior Jury Consultant at IMS Consulting & Expert Services which was recently selected by the New York Law Journal as a top three winner in its “Online Jury Research Provider” category for leading the industry in juror insight.

“Online jury research, made popular during the pandemic, will continue to be a practical option for clients,” said Pounds. “It will be important for counsel and companies to consider conducting jury research early on to account for the demand and to ensure that the research feedback is received early enough to inform risk analysis and trial strategy.”

3 Jury Research Areas to Watch

  • Mock Trials & Mock Arbitrations
  • Focus Groups
  • Jury Selection & Voir Dire

As the high demand for mock trials and mock arbitrations persists, we will also see courts continue practices to reduce the possibility of COVID-19 transmissions which can include greater emphasis on pre-selection juror questionnaires or reduced numbers of jurors called in person.

With most trials and jury research happening in person and a large portion still happening remotely, 2023 will be a critical hybrid year for the legal world.

The consistent, if not growing, demand for these areas coupled with a hybrid approach to research makes for an interesting new year. However, it remains to see if the legal world will continue to adapt in a post-COVID world.

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