Treadmill advantages

Jogging is a great way to exercise, especially when the weather doesn’t allow you to run in the park, on the road or anywhere you like to exercise.

One of the most important advantages of the treadmill is its ability to quickly and accurately change the tilt of the treadmill. In this way, the treadmill will put a lot of pressure on the muscles involved and it will help you significantly with fat burning. The effect is similar to running uphill. Not everyone has the chance to live in a mountainous area. On the other hand, running on the treadmill allows for very precise speed control. If you choose to use the right speed ranges first, then you can press a few buttons to achieve the desired speed and then slow down the recovery very slowly. Refer to the current treadmill models: May tap chay bo.

For those who are preparing for competitions and have a rigorous training schedule, it is advisable to practice in natural conditions. A treadmill can’t improve performance more than running outside. However, when the weather conditions can affect your health – because it’s too cold or too hot, running on a treadmill is a great option.

For the first time using a treadmill should refer to the content that Elipsport Sports Group shares below.

9 secrets you need to know before you get started with the treadmill

1. You should be prepared to make an effort

If you are one of those inactive, just sweat a little, then you may not be exercising hard. While regular overtraining is not good and recovery is important in every schedule. You should try to practice to see how great the results come to you? Try to increase your speed or tilt so you can get out of your comfort zone, for at least 5 minutes, for a challenge. You can exercise 1-2 times per week (never two days in a row). Checking the progress of each exercise will help you come up with more suitable exercises.

2. Run or walk on the treadmill without touching the support handle

This often worries people that they might fall off the treadmill, so the mechanics of the body will change slightly. You should run on the treadmill just as you would run it outside. Try to run naturally and avoid shortening and unbalancing your steps. Another common mistake is to take too long steps or take your heels away from the center of gravity of the body, to avoid this, try to keep your feet below the body, not walking ahead or behind.

3. Use the numbers displayed by the treadmill as a “yardstick” of your progress

The amount of calories burned is rarely true. And this is normal, since the device does not take into account the percentage of body fat, resting heart rate, or assist in handling usage. However, you can compare the numbers from one workout day to another.

4. Change the speed when exercising

Running fast on a flat surface and slow on an inclined surface will improve your strength, endurance and overall fitness. However, to increase the difficulty of the exercise you should gradually increase the speed so that the body gradually adapts to the harder exercises.

5. Pay attention to effort not rhythm

Don’t look at the numbers continuously. Try to pay attention to changes in your body.

6. Run with a slight inclination

Research shows that a treadmill with 10% inclination increases energy consumption and accurately simulates outdoor activity. On the other hand, you should avoid an inclination above 15% as it puts too much pressure on your spine, thighs, and ankles.

This study found that “when running indoors on a treadmill, a lack of air results in lower energy costs than running outdoors at the same speed. A slight tilt of the electric treadmill can be used to increase energy costs to compensate. “In this study, the researchers tested experienced athletes at 8km/h for the same length of time and showed that. Running on a constant speed electric treadmill with 1% increase in slope indicates the equivalent of running outdoors.

7. Do not ignore body’s warming and recovery

Running indoors has its benefits, such as protection against outside weather or unsafe conditions to run. When you start running at home, you have to make sure that the treadmill is running properly to avoid injury and ensure you get a lot of benefits. The first mistake is to ignore warming and recovering. You should let the body start to heat up at a low rate for the body to heat up, then you speed up and the muscle groups will benefit the most. After exercising, you should do some muscle recovery.

8. Don’t look down too much while running

Keep your body straight and pay attention to every run. This is a must-have in every ongoing schedule.

9. Use your own imagination to avoid boredom

Visualize a path going through some tall buildings and a large hill going through a forest when changes occur.