Crystal collecting is on the rise. Whether for aesthetic or because you feel something more, there’s a burning question – how to use crystals? Every gemstone has its admirers, but if you want to start crystal collecting, these are the ten best crystals to get for beginners.



What Crystals Should I Get?

Do crystals choose us, or do we choose the crystals? Many of us are drawn to their beauty, while others are looking for a solution in their life. Perhaps you’ll acquire them simply to gift them to a friend. The good news? Every reason for collecting is valid. Mindful collection is key. Learn which crystals speak to you. Most likely, these will be the ones that you enjoy the most!

Every crystal is thought to have its own unique properties. As you learn how to use crystals, you will find that some are more powerful or versatile in your life. But if you’re just starting out, here are ten crystals we think are great for beginners.

Disclaimer: For informational purposes only. These remedies, approaches, and techniques are not a substitute for professional medical care or treatment. They should not be used to treat any ailment without prior consultation with a qualified health care professional.



Clear quartz, also known as rock crystal, is a major workhorse for any collection. The versatility of clear quartz ensures that it has a home in most collections! Rock crystal is our top pick for starting a collection and is easily one of the best crystals to get.



Basically, proponents believe that clear crystal amplifies the properties of other stones when paired together. Quartz is also known to be “self-cleaning,” making it ideal for cleansing other stones.


Smoky Quartz

Have you ever wondered how to use crystals for manifestation? Smoky quartz is a great starting stone. As a translucent black, brown, or gray stone, smoky quartz is said to convert negative energy to positive.



Practitioners use smoky quartz to balance energies throughout the home and around the house. Smoky quartz may also be worn or carried when negative energy is an issue.



Citrine is the yellow variety of quartz. For centuries believers have espoused its properties to enhance prosperity and self-esteem.



A famous quality of citrine is its reputation as a “money stone.” Merchants place citrine gems near the cash register of their business. In private homes, a citrine may be placed in the back left corner of the property – the “prosperity corner.”


Rose Quartz

Another quartz type, rose quartz is pink quartz. With a reputation as a love stone, rose quartz supports all kinds of love – whether the unconditional love of a parent or the romantic love of a couple.



Rose quartz can enhance feelings of compassion, kindness, and love. It is a terrific token of self-love, especially when healing emotional wounds from a breakup.



This purple quartz enjoys a heady reputation. A stone most famously associated with sobriety, amethyst is said to help aid intuition, such as interpreting dreams or hidden meanings in the world around us.



When learning how to manifest using crystals, many gravitate to amethyst. Its properties associated with intuition help spur creativity, confront stress and anxiety and understand nightmares.


Black Tourmaline

Considered a protective stone, black tourmaline has a reputation for protection. Said to keep negative energy at bay, this glossy black gem is one of the most common tourmalines.



Black tourmaline is also known as schorl. In ancient times, it was thought to ward off demons – but these days, we know this better as negative energy. Black tourmaline is said to crack once it has absorbed all the negative energy it can.


Rainbow Fluorite

Fluorite occurs in many colors of the rainbow, and rainbow fluorite is typically a green stone with a streak of violet or white.



Rainbow fluorite is thought to influence three powerful aspects of our lives – deepening intuition, promoting love, and improving clear communication.



The red chalcedony, carnelian, is a member of the quartz family. This lively gem is said to help with setting boundaries, promote integrity, and spark creativity.



Like many red gems, we associate carnelian with boldness and courage. It boosts willpower and determination and promotes a sense of security in oneself.



Cool and metallic, a veritable sheen of color is known to play across the surface of hematite. Hematite enjoys a reputation as a healing stone, said to be protective, grounding, and centering.



Practitioners use hematite to attract desired energies into their life. It is thought to aid the absorption of negative energy while balancing other energies. For this reason, many reach for hematite in stressful situations.



Perhaps the most famous stone on this list, turquoise is many things – a protective talisman, December birthstone, or simply gorgeous jewelry. Turquoise is said to promote luck, prosperity, and personal power.



Many prize it for how they feel it connects them to spirituality. This sacred stone enjoys a reputation of empowerment, with an enduring legacy with no end in sight!


How to Start Using Crystals

Crystals and gems can be used in many ways. Some people prefer to place them in their homes for general benefits or to target a perceived deficiency. Others might wear them, opting for a collection that gives a portable boost!


How to Use Crystals in the Home

Within the home, crystals can be placed strategically to target their properties in problem areas. Or then can be spread throughout for a more general sense of well-being.

For instance, smoky quartz near the home’s perimeter is thought to help filter negative energy, thereby bringing positive energy into the house. Some place a citrine in the “prosperity corner” to promote prosperity!

An amethyst near your headboard, such as a nightstand, is believed to banish nightmares, promote more restful sleep, and help you recall dreams. Black tourmaline near the bed can also help with absorbing negative energy.

Have a stressful job? Consider placing hematite at your desk to help mitigate things. Perhaps rose quartz can remind you to remain compassionate and full of grace.

Clear quartz can be placed with any of these stones to help boost their sister stones!


How to Wear Crystals

The tradition of wearing colored gemstones in jewelry is nearly as old as humanity itself! Tradition suggests that wearing stones can provide a beneficial feeling. Some take this further, using specific stones in certain kinds of jewelry – basically targeting an area for the desired effect.

Carnelian can be worn at the wrist as a bracelet, targeting one of the body’s “pulse points.” Citrine works equally well as a bracelet, necklace, or ring for its esteem-boosting qualities.

Fluorite is thought to be most effective when worn as a necklace. Hematite is often used as a ring. Rose quartz is ideal as a bracelet, necklace, or ring when desiring its properties.

Lastly, turquoise is used in a wide variety of jewelry. However, the most popular option is wearing it as a necklace.


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