Astrology is a fascinating subject that never ceases to amaze people around the world. Every zodiac follower has a strong affiliation with the moon. When the moon rises in the sky in its full and magnificent form, it captures the eye of every human being in the area. But lovers of the moon and those who draw their power from it have a special connection with the full moon. They feel more energized, charged, and happy on the nights of a full moon. Many people of different religions perform different rituals when the moon is whole.

Moon water is a tool used by many to harness the powers of the moon even more. This water is powerful and robust because it can soak up the entire moon’s energy. The energy acquired by the water is utilized in different ways. It is used to bring out the energy used by our ancestors and align ourselves with all the natural things present on this planet. Moon water helps people make inner peace and spend the remaining of their month in a more active, sharp, and lively sort of way.

If you are new to the world of stars, moon, horoscopes, and astrology, let us start with the purpose of moon water and how people utilize it across the globe.

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Using Moon Water

The moon water is used for several different purposes. Here are some of them.

Clean Your Home

Next time you want to clean your home after a full moon, add some of the moon water to your spray bottles and make sure to spray it everywhere. This way you not only remove dust and physically dirty things from your house but you also get rid of all the bad energy. Moon water can absorb any negative charges and bad things looming around your home!

Make Tea

You can always make a hot cup of tea with your moon water. Not only is such a tea calming and soothing, but it also helps in energizing your spirits. This kind of tea helps your soul connect better with the stars and moon better. The tea also gives a boost to your personality and refines your traits.   

Clean Altars

Do you have specific places in your home where you perform rituals? If yes, then moon water is the best cleanser of these places. Not only does it clean the area, but it also helps in stabilizing the energy of that place and creating harmony on your altars.

Bathing with Moon Water

Many people use moon water to take a bath every once a month. You can connect to your lunar energy once you take a deep nourishing bath in it. Get rid of all the physical impurities and dirtiness by indulging in a moon water bath. Fill your body with all the positive lunar energy for the month.

Water Plants

You can use moon water to water your plants. Their energies are sparked again, and they are revitalized for the whole month. Furthermore, their growth aligns with the lunar energy making them healthier and sustainable.

These are only some ideas that you can use for your moon water. But when it comes to every individual, utilization techniques of moon water may vary. You can use the water however you want to and whenever you want to.

Making Moon Water

With so many benefits attached with the making of moon water, here is how you can make it in the easiest possible way:

  • Choose a Container

Select a water container made of glass, preferably to store some water. It is recommended to use rainwater, but if you want to, later on, drink this water, please use clean and drinkable water. The container may align with the intention (if you have any).

Please cover the container with a lid. Keeping it uncovered will fill it with germs and dirt, which is unhealthy and can cause serious health issues. (Don’t worry; the moon will still be able to reach it even with the lid on).

  • Use Crystals

If you want to use your favorite crystals while creating the moon water, then you can. Place those crystals on top of the container or on its lid. This crystal boosts the water’s energy and allows you to harness an even more significant amount of lunar energy. Some of the best crystals for moon water are moonstones and quartz.

  • Find a Moonlit Place

Look around the house and find a place where the moon’s light can reach the container without any hurdle. It can be the top of the roof (if it is accessible), the windowsill, or even the patio. Place the water container on any of the areas with maximum direct moonlight.

  • Prayer of Intention

Now that you have placed your container on the full moon, it is time to say a prayer. Think about why you want this moon water and what purpose it will serve for you. For example, if you are looking for a new job, pray that my ability to give good job interviews and skills will improve with this moon water. Then blow on the water. It is not essential to do so, but it is recommended by most.

Tip: Make sure you study the stars’ astronomy beforehand before setting an intention for the moon water. Some full moon months are more likely to favor specific tasks. For example, the Libra or Taurus full moon significantly aid people in finding true love!

  • Leave it Overnight

Leave the container of water overnight in the moonlight. In the morning, your moon water will be ready to use for whatever purpose you may seem fit!

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Creating moon water is really just that simple. Everyone must make it to reap maximum benefits out of the moon water. Numerous people had reported an increase in their energy and an overall energized month when they consumed and utilized moon water. There are hundreds of different ways that you can utilize it. If you want to explore lunar energy benefits and give yourself a boost, start making and using moon water today!