Propagandas have always been common. Powerful start them to gain personal benefits. They spread false news to form an opinion that they want. They own and control news outlets to only share the news they want. This way, they are able to control the minds of the public.

If you have seen someone spread false news, then it becomes your duty to fight against it. However, the problem is fighting against someone powerful when you have no background. This article briefly discusses the right way to take down powerful propaganda.


Share the Real Information

The very first step you need to take is to start sharing the real information. As soon as you share the reality, many people will start to hate you for it. On top of that, people who started that false news might start to look for you.

They will take down the news and might force you to stop too. That’s why you should discourse on powerful and trustworthy platforms while keeping your own identity anonymous. This would ensure that they can’t take down the news or the platform, and they won’t even know who you are.


Take Away their Public Support

People start propaganda because they are scared of the public. They know that if people became aware and united against them, they wouldn’t be able to survive. You need to target the same audience as theirs and make them realize how they are being played with. This would take away the public support of those evil people.


Join a Community that Can Help

You may not be strong enough to fight alone against such influential people who can control the news media. It’s best if you join a community that also seeks the truth and use their help to reach your goals. They would share the same information and spread faster awareness.