Avocado is one of the most consumed produce in America; it is so much popular in fact, that in 2020, amid the global pandemic, consumers actually faced a shortage when demand spiked but supply remained the same, causing the same panic that enveloped people when they were out buying toilet paper and supplies to stock back in home. Similarly, when the demand spiked but the supply stayed the same, the price rose, sending people into frenzy to buy and stock it.

So, you might ask yourselves; why so much avocado? Doesn’t it look a bit gamey to eat? No, it’s delicious and very much a treat to eat and use in other dishes, like an avocado toast, which is fast becoming a staple for an all-American breakfast. But as fast as this avocado is taking up the breakfast scene, so is this whole healthy food thing; so, the question is, how many calories in an avocado toast?

First of all, an avocado toast is not wat you’re thinking it is: it’s not made of some fancy stuff like avocado-infused bread or some other stuff. It is the good old spread; the spread made from avocado and some other fillers, made into a paste and spread on a toast to enjoy that tangy goodness of the avocado on the bread toast. Much like Nutella or other plant-based spreads, it requires the person to first convert it into a paste-like substance that’ll go on the toast.

But the avocado alone won’t make it a part of a good, healthy breakfast, both tasty and nutritious. So, what people do is, they throw some fillers in there as well, like spices, some condiments or something salty to complement the tangy sweetness of the avocado. But the question still stands; how many calories are there in an avocado toast?

How many calories in avocado toast?

Right off the bat, let us tell you that a simple avocado toast, with absolutely no additions and condiments or really anything else, will run you around 190 calories. Of course, serving sizes vary and intake sizes also vary; then you’ve got the fact that no two serving sizes are equal, so a general, rough estimate would go from 180 calories to 210 calories.

These are the limits of a simple avocado toast, and the more you load it up with sauces, fruits, nuts, condiments and really anything else, the more the calories count will bump up. Of course, not all people are into that whole health fad diet thing, and many just want taste rather than worry about how many calories this and how much fat that; they just want taste and they don’t want anything getting in their way and really, these are the people that we like.

In short, expect anywhere from 180 to 200 calories from a simple avocado toast. 

Benefits of avocado

An avocado is one of the healthiest fruits that you can eat and use in other dishes. While all fruits boast healthiness and natural components in them that really help a stomach get away from all that grease, proteins and fats that we usually stuff it with. General benefits of avocado include a healthy dose of vitamins, important minerals and other chemical compounds and elements that are not usually included as part of a healthy diet, like sodium, calcium and other chemical compounds in minute quantities, that really help become an integral part of a balanced diet. 

It is also a good source of fiber, which means that you will feel full even after a small serving of the fruit, which, combined with its already healthy attributes, really contributes to its use as a good food for weight loss and diets that involve cutting down on fats and consuming all-natural fruits and vegetables that complete the recommended daily guideline of nutrients without excessive fats and all the while, tasting really good, natural and fresh. 

According to many health-conscious cookbooks, specializing in meals that taste good but don’t mess up your diet or health, avocado is considered one of the best replacements (low-calories) for high calories condiments and spreads, like Nutella, mayonnaise, butter (unsalted or salted) or really any other topping usually dressed onto toasts. This makes for a healthy breakfast, as many experts point out, that at one point, you could eventually substitute the toast for something like a cracker and further drop down the calories count and get yourselves healthier by opting for the low-calorie version of the popular breakfast. 

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Weight reduction thanks to avocado and toast

Avocado is known as a super food in the health circles, as its composition of fiber and other necessary nutrients make it the perfect food for staying full while dieting. Which means, that instead of starving yourself and trying to go for the anorexic look, you could simply go for fruits like avocado and other really fibrous fruits and eat them, gaining all the energy and the nutrients while keeping the weight down and the calories also at the low count.

Avocado is really helpful as it allows you to consume it without worrying about gaining weight; since it is really fibrous, you could munch on it as a snack and not worry about getting fat. Plus, you could also use it as an important component of many dishes that would otherwise use high-calories components (like using an avocado spread for toasts or any other dish that would otherwise use mayo or butter and really amp up the calories count).

In short, you could use avocado as the go-to fruit or food to eat when dieting and using as a substitute spread for America’s favorite breakfast; toast with an avocado spread. 

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Calorie count on an avocado toast: increase, decrease

Regular old avocado spread on toast not really your kind of thing? Or are you tired of eating the same damn thing everyday without a break? Like it was stated before, you could spice things up or fatten up the regular slim toast by throwing in some good condiments, spices, fruits or even standalone additions like eggs and herbs like cilantro. It all depends on your inner chef; you could get creative and really try to go for the Michelin-star look and feel; throwing in some exotic spices and additives to amp up the regular old breakfast into something of an art; or you could go the easy route and just slather on the toast some more condiments or sauces. For instance, you could give it a really sweet and tangy taste by putting some maple or pancake sauce on top of the toast.

All of these options are there to help you bump up the calorie count, for the people trying to fatten up or gain back some weight after a really long dieting period. Because, while an avocado toast on its own is great for keeping the weight down while keeping you full, it can also cat as a great base for some further additions to really bump up the flavour, calories count and other aspects to help you gain some weight, and consume something that’s really good. 

In short, an avocado toast, from its most basic iteration, boasting around 200 calories as a healthy option, to its loaded iteration topped with eggs, herbs and spices and different sauces, can easily go north of 400 calories, which is really pushing the upper limit. It speaks of the fruit’s versatility and its uses in many dishes, from as simple as a toast to something like a really elaborate dish.