Access global investment opportunities and cross-border wealth services with international premier banks in Singapore. Some banks do not require residency in Singapore to open a global bank account there.

With an international premier bank account in Singapore, you can explore various investment opportunities and take advantage of the personalized services offered to you by the bank or financial institution.

Things to Consider When Choosing an International Premier Bank in Singapore

With the right international premier bank that has a presence across countries and several years of knowledge and expertise in the field of global banking, you can grow and protect your wealth. However, it is important to consider certain factors before choosing the best premier banking account for your needs in Singapore. Some of them are mentioned below:

Ease of Access

Choosing an offshore bank that offers ease of access is important as the limit on the number of transactions, maximum withdrawal limit, ATM availability and other internal protocols can cause inconvenience when you need to transact overseas. Hence, it is wise to select an international premier bank that has a solid global presence and an extensive network of ATMs across the world.

Money Transfer Fees

When you need to send money to your family in another country, to your children studying abroad, or to pay for bills overseas, it is ideal to choose an international premier bank that charges a small fee or no fee for money transfers.

Wealth Solutions

Many banks offer personal wealth management services and solutions to clients who deposit and maintain large amounts of funds in their account. Choosing such an international premier bank that is backed by an efficient wealth management team and a dedicated Relationship Manager will enable you to use their expertise and resources to manage your wealth and achieve your financial goals.

Economic and Political Stability

Another important factor that you can consider while choosing an international premier bank is to check the political and economic stability of its jurisdiction. If the jurisdiction of the bank where you want to open an account has strong regulations and transparent economic policies, you will be able to grow and protect your wealth with confidence. For example, Singapore has a robust economy, a stable government and supportive banking regulations, making it a reliable banking and investing location.

Multicurrency Saving Option

While choosing an international bank, look for offshore bank accounts that let you keep money in multiple currencies. So, if you are frequently transacting in multiple currencies, it is ideal to open an international premier bank account that supports such currencies. Else, you might end up losing money by paying conversion charges if the account supports only one type of currency. Moreover, it is best to check with the international premier bank for the minimum fund requirements in each currency and any other terms and conditions it may have.


By applying for an account with a international premier bank in Singapore, account holders can benefit from a wide range of personalized services and Singapore’s stable banking infrastructure as well as strategic location. Also, as Singapore is an international financial hub and offers a global outlook for investors, it is the ideal international banking location for you to explore global wealth-building opportunities.

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