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If there is anything that the pandemic has taught us, it is the importance of staying fit and live a fuller life while improving your body’s immunity every single day. There is demand for health trainers like never before, most of the people are turning towards online diet coaches and health experts to help understand which area of their body is weak and how to work on improving it further.

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You might have the best online workout session, the best dietician guiding you, but how do you control all of it and oversee the actual stats of your body to find whether or not it is working on you? There’s no point in toiling hard every single day when you don’t know whether your body is benefitting from it or not, isn’t it? This is probably why the invention of a smartwatch took place in our world. A watch that can tell you how your heart beats, a watch that can tell you the number of steps you have walked in a single day, oh and not to forget the number of calories burned too. While initially, the smartwatch started with these features, now there are many more versatile features that you cannot really even imagine of. As much as the world of smartwatch excites you and makes you want to get one, the harsh reality of its cost strikes you. Smartwatches are expensive alright, this is precisely why many of us do not own one.

But what if we told you that it is possible to own a smartwatch without burning a hole in the pocket? An affordable smartwatch and one that provides you with enough features to keep a watch on your body’s progress as well? Yes, it exists and we’re talking about none other than FitBeat here. It is the latest smartwatch to enter the competitive market of fitness devices. It is a fitness tracker that enables its users to achieve invaluable insights into the body’s signs that are vital by using the innovation of advanced biometric technology. This smartwatch has already been successful in turning heads because of its amazing price and the wide spectrum of useful features that it provides. People can use this watch to keep a check on their health at all times.

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What Is FitBeat Smartwatch?

FitBeat smartwatch is a wristband that provides you with in-depth smart activities; it helps you keep a watch on the heart rate, and also provides insights on how your body has been doing throughout the day using the biometric technology. This wristband has an adjustable size that could fit a majority of us and it also plays the role of a smartwatch. It is available exclusively on their official website only. People can also use this smartwatch to measure not just their heart rate and blood pressure but also their oxygen levels in the body which are definitely the need of the hour in these COVID times where maintaining a healthy oxygen level and checking it regularly is the key to knowing whether you have been taken down by the coronavirus or not. All of the health stats seem to be synchronized in this watch and the device keeps updating itself and displays the stats every 10 seconds—how cool is that now? It also gives you feedback about how your body has been performing while doing any activity such as exercising, sleeping, or even meditating.

From helping you count your steps to keeping a tab on the number of calories burned, to even helping in analyzing your sleep patterns to understanding the optimal resting cycles, to even recording when your body was the most energetic that day, this FitBeat smartwatch has it all. It easily syncs with your android or iOS smartphones as well and helps in sending and receiving text messages and even alerts you when you are receiving any calls too.

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How Does FitBeat Smartwatch Work?

There’s no doubt that knowledge is the greatest power of all and this truth applies to understating the importance of knowing everything about your body. When you hit the gym or if you’re working out from home, you would certainly want to have an idea and know the details like the time your body has spent burning calories or the distance you must’ve covered while you’re jogging or walking. Generally, such precise data can be provided with a machine only, but with FitBeat smartwatch by your side, you can have access to all of it and that too by spending less than 100 dollars. So, FitBeat smartwatch plays two distinct roles for you—that of a biometric and fitness tracker and one which has complete compatibility with a smartphone. As a fitness tracker, a FitBeat user will be able to get all information right from sleep patterns, blood pressure numbers, calories burned, and also their heart rate. Knowing all of this information will help you understand the progress of your body and it will also notify you in case any alarming stats are noticed which is also critical to help repair the body if something is going wrong on the inside.

And as a smartwatch, the FitBeat helps one keep track of calls, messages, and other such notifications. The smartwatch also connects with your smartphone and stores all the data. The watch also notifies the user and asked the user to move if they haven’t taken any steps since long.

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Best Features Of FitBeat Smartwatch

Here’s a look into the features that are worth mentioning on FitBeat. It is a very flexible and versatile smartwatch device and doesn’t require any special handling as well. Even the entire spectrum of health metrics is handled and tracked on its own. Some of the notable features are:

  • It monitors the rate of the heart.
  • It receives all the phone notifications from your smartphone and displays them on the screen.
  • It supervises and maintains data about your fitness and health levels of the body.
  • It updates stats and provides them to you every 10 seconds, even while you’re working out.
  • It also maintains the data of your sleep cycles.
  • It is very easy to use. Even those who are not well-versed with technology and can use FitBeat easily and feel comfortable.
  • The monitors don’t just show blood pressure levels but it also shows the correct oxygen levels of the body.
  • It also counts the number of steps you’ve taken in a day and gives you the detail of the number of calories you must have burned in the process.
  • It also tracks the calorie and energy burned when you are performing any kind of physical activity.
  • It is compatible with Android and iOS devices as well.
  • It also announces any incoming calls.

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Pros Of Buying FitBeat Smartwatch

  • Smartphone alerts
  • Provides real-time statistics
  • Tracks both heart and health overall
  • The interface is very easy to use
  • It is waterproof and scratch proof
  • It is made up of premium quality
  • It is very easy and fast in operation
  • Uses high-end advanced technology

Cons Of Buying FitBeat Smartwatch

  • The best prices offered for FitBeat is when you buy it is bulk when compared to buying just one watch
  • FitBeat Smartwatch can be purchased only from their official website only

Where Can You Buy FitBeat Smartwatch?

You can purchase FitBeat smartwatches on their official website only. In a way, this will protect you from falling prey to any kind of duplicate products. The prices of this device are as follows:

  • A single unit of FitBeat Smartwatch will cost you $49.98
  • A double unit of FitBeat Smartwatch will cost you $85.48
  • Three units of FitBeat Smartwatch will cost you $119.95
  • Four units of FitBeat Smartwatch will cost you $139.94

These are the discounted prices of up to 50% that are available on their official website right now. All of them, irrespective of the number of units you purchase, come with a free shipping facility. The best part of purchasing this product is that the company offers you a 30-day return and money-back guarantee. If you feel that the product delivered isn’t as promised on the website, if you ship back the watch in its original condition, you get a complete refund without any questions asked.

Closing Thoughts About FitBeat Smartwatch

If you’re looking for that push to get serious about your health, then this smartwatch is the one gadget you’ll have to own. This device makes so much of your health monitoring work easier. While most of the smartwatches available in this age are all above the 100 dollar mark, this watch stands out with its easy affordability without compromising on the smart features like a health tracker. So, what is it that is stopping you right now? Go make your purchase and be rest assured that your life is going to change on the healthiest note. Plus, in these times of pandemic, having a smartwatch like this one is a necessity to ensure that you are healthy and you won’t fall prey to any coronavirus infection. Stay healthy, stay safe!

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