Portland, MA-based full-service market research firm, Portland Marketing Analytics (PortMA), has launched its first edition event sponsorship benchmarks report for destination venues. The report gives experiential marketing professionals better insights into actionable consumer behaviors at those venues.


Portland, ME, USA – PortMA’s Event Sponsorship Benchmarks: Destination Venues report shows experiential marketers why destination venues are perfect connection points for brands post-pandemic. As consumers flock to destination venues once more; concerts, festivals, and sporting events provide unparalleled opportunities to introduce new products through sponsorship and facilitate product sampling.

Destination venues where consumers come to “play” have been off-limits during the pandemic, but those venues are back in business. However, with tight budgets guiding post-pandemic spending, marketers need to design events carefully and measure impressions and event ROI at all touchpoints. PortMA’s report makes it easy to understand which benchmarks matter most and will create a lasting impression with potential customers.

The new benchmarks report covers a wide range of destination venues that will suit most brands, including:

  • Athletic and sporting events
  • Community events
  • Concerts
  • Conventions and Consumer Shows
  • Fairs and Festivals
  • B2B trade shows


The findings presented in PortMA’s destination venues benchmarks report are based on more than 94,000 post-sponsorship engagement consumer interviews and nearly 1,950 sponsorship event days.

Besides the pure data, PortMA’s report also features the personal insights and observations of field staff. Their contributions are based on more than 4,400,000 consumer interactions and more than 2,600,000 distributed product samples.

Chris Clegg, President and Research Director at PortMA, says: “Destination venues have long been heavy-hitting locations for brands to connect to consumers through sponsorship. As we are entering a post-pandemic phase, these venues are once again open to marketers.”

“But without knowing the right benchmarks, it is impossible to optimize ROI for brands. This report has the answers event marketing professionals need to deliver event impressions that convert into sales.”

PortMA’s report gives event marketers the tools they need to convince stakeholders of the potential of an experiential marketing campaign. The benchmarks also help marketers negotiate better sponsorship agreements that benefit venues and brands. Plus, the data and insights delivered by the report help marketers evaluate campaign performance throughout and adjust and optimize as necessary.

A single-user license gives marketers access to a wide range of tools and support:

  • One-page executive summary
  • Fully indexed PDF report
  • PowerPoint data tables
  • Analyst support for the 12 months following the purchase


About PortMA

Full-service market research firm PortMA uses data analytics to develop and evaluate marketing communication strategies for experiential marketing agencies, advertisers, and leading brands.

For more information about the contents of the report, please visit this link or contact the sales team directly using the information below.

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