Not all children exhibit “creativeness” in the same way. From arts and crafts, to music and singing, these are activities that children use as creative outlets. That’s why Silver Spring day school curriculums include a broad range of creative activities as part of the daily routine. Parents and home-caregivers should also understand what their children gravitate to, and then encourage them to explore those passions to their fullest.

The Hidden Benefits of Creative Streaks

When we see young kids exhibit a creative streak, the most common reaction is to admire and appreciate the “final product” of their creativity – for instance, a drawing or a clay model.  Silver Spring child care center staff, however, see more than that! Parents of young kids must understand that, in the lead up to that final act, their children have:

– Mastered the art of learning something new

– Cultivated a sense of patience and determination

– Understood how to use their creativity (the songs, drawing, painting, dance steps) to express themselves

– Built up additional vocabulary and talents that typically come with the pursuit (or learning) of a creative endeavor 

– Applied logic and decision-making to their creative projects

Teaching staff, supervising youngsters attending a Silver Spring day care session, continually monitoring, guide, and encouraging the kids to build their creative sides.  It’s important that the encouragement they receive at school also carries through beyond the daycare setting.

Creativity-spurring Strategies 

There are myriads of approaches and strategies that teaching staff and parents can use to encourage creativity in children. Here are three important ones:

– Question More: Creativity often begins when young children feel comfortable about asking questions. Therefore, adults can encourage that curiosity by taking the lead and posing questions to their children: Why is ice cold? How is snow formed? Do you know what clouds are made of?

– Provide Choices: Because young minds may find different activities to spur their creativity, Silver Spring day care centers offer a broad range of such creative activities. Some kids may find creative expressions through water coloring more soothing; others may gravitate towards dancing or singing to express creativity. If there’s a choice, kids are more likely to find what most triggers their creative streak.

– Engage and Observe: While young minds are naturally curious, it’s up to parents and teachers to engage with them, on interesting topics and activities, and lead them on a path to creative discovery. Once you determine what stirs their creative juices, it’s time to encourage your child to explore that passion more deeply.

One final piece of advice that Silver Spring day school staff have to offer parents and guardians of young children at home: The daycare center is an ideal place for young minds to discover their creative sides, and to begin exploring them. However, that journey of exploration shouldn’t start and end at school. 

Wherever possible, continue that journey outside of school too – at home, in the park, during drives on vacations…or even when grocery shopping. Unless creativity becomes second nature and a continuous experience, it’ll just remain another “school activity”, and may stifle and wither away!