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The 12 mistakes a chiropractor wants you to stop making in the gym

At this time of year it’s not only the ‘summer body’ being made in the gym, but injuries, as the sometimes desperate bid to be beach-ready sees people over-exercising, using equipment incorrectly, or failing to fuel workouts in the best.

11 myths about cancer, debunked

When it comes to cancer, many myths get passed around by well-meaning friends and family members. Those myths often end up causing more stress for patients than they were already experiencing. Because understanding your diagnosis is an essential part of.

Busting myths: Cancer is not just one disease

Around 400 B.C., Hippocrates theorized that cancer was a single disease that would not fully go away, in most cases, even after it was surgically removed. That’s why, for centuries after the scholar’s death, cancer often went untreated for fear that interventions.

Mental Health Awareness

How are you? Take a minute to really think about that. How many times do you think you’ve been asked that question by someone who genuinely cares what your answer is? We ask how people are all the time in.

5 questions about your child’s eating habits

Parents often worry about their children’s development. Part of this includes their eating habits and preferences. To help ease your concerns and understand common developmental issues, here are five key questions that you should consider asking yourself about your child’s.

Exercise Tips for People With Type 2 Diabetes

Exercise is safe—and highly recommended—for most people with type 2 diabetes, including those with complications. Along with diet and medication, exercise will help you lower blood sugar and lose weight. However, the prospect of diving into a workout routine may.