While the history of yoni steaming can be traced back to ancient Korea, it is only in recent years that this treatment has really started to gain traction in the western world. Before, if you wanted this amazing treatment carried out, you would have to head to an expensive spa. Luckily for you, times have changed. You can now buy the equipment you need to carry out yoni steaming in the comfort of your own home.

Let’s take a look at what yoni steaming is, how it works and, perhaps more importantly, the benefits you can enjoy from it.

What is vaginal steaming?

Vaginal steaming is pretty much what it says on the tin. You will be sending steam up into the vagina area.

The steam will come from water that has been loaded with beneficial herbs. So, you aren’t just sending steam up to cleanse your vagina, but you will be sending up herbs that can help to make your vagina a lot healthier.

How does vaginal steaming work at home?

If you head to a spa, they will no doubt have a ton of contraptions to carry out their vaginal steaming treatments. You won’t be able to get that sort of equipment in your home. Well, at least not for an affordable price. Thankfully, there are ‘at home’ solutions for those that want to use the yoni treatment.

The most common option is a steaming seat. The steaming seat will be loaded up with steaming water (this will be water at around 110F). Special steaming herbs will be added to the water and, as we said before, these herbs will influence what is in the steam. The combination of herbs when having yoni carried out is important. This is why most people will purchase ready-mixed bags of steaming herbs. This way you have to worry about nothing other than adding them to the water.

The person having the steam carried out will then strip from the waist down and position themselves over the steaming seat. The steam will then rise, cleaning their vagina. Some steaming seats will have a douche included. This will allow for cleansing inside the vagina, but not all women are going to be comfortable with that sort of thing. Although, it is always worth trying because it really is going to be more beneficial like that.

What are the benefits of Yoni?

There are several benefits to Yoni. It seems that each woman experiences the treatment in a different way. However, don’t worry, the experience is almost always good. As long as you do not touch the steaming water directly, then the treatment is perfectly safe.

The main benefit of vaginal steaming is to clean the vagina and the uterus. Cleaning out this area once every so often is incredibly beneficial. Many women report that they feel fresher after a good vaginal steaming.

This isn’t the only benefit, though. In fact, cleaning the vagina is probably the most minor of benefits when it comes to Yoni. You may experience the following:

Improved Menstrual Cycles

If you regularly suffer from severe symptoms when menstruating (e.g. heavy bleeding, severe cramps, and bloating), then vaginal steaming has been known to be highly beneficial.

Some people use the treatment to boost their fertility. So, if you have trouble getting pregnant, then you may find that vaginal steaming will help to bring the area into balance and increase the odds of fertilization.

If you have recently given birth, then there is some evidence that vaginal steaming can help to speed up the healing process.

Finally, vaginal steaming can help to reduce your day-to-day stress. So, if you are having a particularly tough day, then you may want to try Yoni.


Vaginal steaming is an incredibly beneficial treatment. While you used to have to go to a spa to have it carried out, you can now buy everything you need to do it at home whenever you want. All you need is a decent vaginal steaming seat and some herbs and you are ‘good to go’.