Sep 26, 2020 11:03 AM ET
iCrowd Newswire – Sep 26, 2020

Art of War SEO is celebrating the first year of Business, which has exceeded all expectations.

With Deepanshu Bedi and David Hobson at the helm, the business has secured several contracts with multinational organizations to develop internet presence through search engine optimization.

With clients reporting increases in sales, traffic, and customer engagement, it’s no surprise that Art of War has been making a name for themselves in this competitive sector. And that, they believe, is down to their breadth of knowledge and experience within both business in general and the art of SEO.

Deepanshu was still at college studying for his MTech when he realized the potential of social media, affiliate marketing, and drop shipping. With a passion for building businesses, Deepanshu’s knowledge allows him to help clients achieve 8 figure revenues by applying his bespoke SEO strategies.

David is a successful entrepreneur who brings a strategic sales and marketing background to Art of War SEO. He combines this business acumen with over ten years’ experience within the world of search engine optimization.

Word of mouth recommendations have kept the team busy over the last 12 months, but they have now scaled up their operation and launched a new website –

While the team spends many hours advising clients who are new to the world of SEO, they were also very conscious of the need to provide more knowledgeable clients with greater autonomy in their SEO strategy.

With this in mind, the new website provides clients with the ability to search the Art of War database for websites that meet the client’s backlink criteria.

So, this means that no matter whether it’s the industry sector, the traffic volume, or DR/DA rating, which are of crucial importance, clients will be able to search for those sites which they believe will add value to their backlink profile.

As the new features were added, Art of War also wanted to make it easy for clients to check whether a potential site already had a link back to their website. While there are times when there can be a benefit to linking to a site multiple times by assessing an individual page rank, there are also situations when a client needs links from unique websites. Checking this out is now made easy through the new Art of War website.

As the next step in the growth of their business, Deepanshu and David believe that this new functionality provides them with a strong competitive edge in meeting the needs of busy internet entrepreneurs. This new offering means that they can now offer a true 24/7 service.

Now, no matter where clients are based in the world, they can plan their backlink strategy, any time of the day, through the new Art of War website.

However, the two directors are keen to point out that they still anticipate spending much of their day providing both new and established clients with guidance on developing their internet presence.

Whether that’s advice on the placement of backlinks and guest posts, commissioning high-quality content, or undertaking website audits, the team at Art of War can provide integrated, one-stop SEO service.

The team which sits aside Deepanshu and David are selected not only for their high levels of SEO knowledge but also for their ability to bring together strategies that exceed client’s expectations. That said, they never forget the need to work within the client’s budgetary requirements or their deadlines.

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