Anamika Madan of Greenwich discusses the many benefits of HIIT training. 

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) has become extremely popular in recent years, and that’s because it’s so effective. Fitness enthusiast Anamika Madan recently discussed what HIIT is and the benefits this type of training offers.

Anamika Madan of Greenwich first explained that HIIT is a form of physical training that involves completing numerous rounds of short-term, intense exercise. An example of a HIIT workout would be running sprints for 30 seconds, taking a brief 10-second pause, sprinting again for 30 seconds, and repeating that process numerous times. The goal is to exercise with maximum effort during each 30-second interval. 

Anamika Madan explained that HIIT offers numerous health benefits, including weight loss, calorie burn, and increased physical strength. This type of training can also lower blood sugar and blood pressure.

“HIIT improves your body’s blood and oxygen flow,” Anamika Madan of Greenwich said. “Exercising with minimal rest is difficult, but it gives your heart a major workout.”

Anamika Madan cited a study published in the Science and Sport journal stating that children exercising via the HIIT method improved the ability of their lungs and heart to deliver oxygen to the rest of the body, known as cardiorespiratory capacity. Another study published in 2020, stated that HIIT is an effective alternative to exercising for longer periods of time at a lower intensity level. 

“A major benefit of HIIT workouts is that they are time-efficient,” Anamika Madan said. “They can be completed in 30 minutes or less and offer the same benefits as a much longer, but slower-paced workout.”

Anamika Madan of Greenwich added that HIIT helps build numerous muscle groups in a single workout. For instance, you perform burpees, squats, and push-ups in a single HIIT workout. HIIT also boosts your muscular endurance, because the muscles have less time to rest between cycles. A 2017 study in Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome stated that a 12-minute HIIT workout was equivalent to a 40-minute aerobic workout in terms of muscular exercise. 

“Anyone interested in losing weight should consider implementing HIIT workouts into their exercise regimen,” Anamika Madan said. “Even people with the busiest work and life schedules have 12 spare minutes to squeeze in a HIIT workout.”

Anamika Madan of Greenwich explained that HIIT workouts have been proven to cut more fat than continuous exercise at a moderate intensity level. For instance, specified HIIT cycles of sprints burn more fat than going for a jog. This is because the heart rate remains high throughout the entire workout. 

“Fitness professionals can’t say enough good things about HIIT,” Anamika Madan finished. “This isn’t a fad weight loss program, it’s a scientifically-tested way of burning calories, building muscle, and lowering blood pressure.”