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Amazon is expected to make big waves in In-vehicle Automotive Space. The company has also showcased its interest in sales of new and old vehicles.

In CES 2017 event, two major automakers Volkswagen and Ford have announced to integrate Alexa software development kits in their forthcoming cars. However, Ford is planning to integrate Alexa software development kits with its interface by the second half of 2019, whereas, Volkswagen is not sure with the integration timeline.

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Amazon is working with various auto OEM’s for enabling communication inside the vehicle with the help of its new interface Alexa auto. Once the new interface is integrated with the software development kits, automaker’s onboard system, drivers can sync their audio system, talk with Alexa enabled device and extract information such as weather, traffic updates, lock and unlock the car and cart out the things to purchase. Furthermore, the device will also help to control the connected home device and use the services while traveling.

Amazon is attempting to provide a complete solution for the automotive industry over the long-term. The company is aiming to engage with its customer at all the possible points from researching to buying a new car, from internal combustion engine to electric vehicle, ordering new or replacement parts, scheduling the vehicle service and many more. The company is aiming to partner with the end-user by offering end to end solutions.

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Alexa enabled devices will create the in-vehicle sales channel. This channel will be revolutionary and can disrupt the auto industry. Alexa enabled device will be helping their customer to cart out the parts they are willing to purchase. For customers, it will lessen out the tedious task to search and buy the auto parts offline. On the contrary, for car manufacturers, it may not be a smooth and easy task. The detail product specification can help the users to buy the product but when it comes to application, it will require support from car manufacturers. This issue can be further addressed if Alexa partners with auto manufacturers and provide an appropriate solution to fit in both internal combustion engine and electric vehicle.

The ordering process in the aftermarket for sales of product and services would be easy with the help of Alexa enabled devices. Alexa will help to order the replacement parts which is compatible with the vehicle and book a schedule for timely service based on the availability. This will emerge as an exciting solution for online users. This time Alexa enabled devices will help them with all the process and provide options to choose from various brands available for parts.

In Europe and North America, the biggest online market place for auto parts and components is Amazon and the company is also expanding to Asian countries. The company has showcased its wide portfolio for parts and its strength with respect to logistics, so Amazon is expected to make big waves in in-vehicle automotive space. The company has also showcased its interest in sales of new and old vehicles. It shows that the company is aiming for an end-to-end solution by partnering and engaging with the customer through their Alexa application. Amazon is expected to dictate terms in the future with respect to digital sales.

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