Online installment loans can be used for a number of reasons, including everyday expenses and unexpected costs. With easy applications, quick approvals, and less strict credit score requirements, these loans are an affordable and accessible option for many. For those curious about online installment loans with instant approval, find out everything one may need to know here.

What is an online installment loan?

Online installment loans are short-term loans that qualified borrowers can repay over time in fixed monthly payments or installments. Generally, these loan amounts range between a few hundred and several thousand dollars, though the exact amount will depend on the lender and loan terms. Borrowers can pay back these loans over several months or years.

The process for online installment loans

Many lenders rely on the same methods for approval for online installment loans. Factors lenders might consider include credit scores, debt-to-income ratios, and employment history. Because the process is online, lenders try to make it as easy as possible, with some companies promising five-minute applications and little to no paperwork on an applicant’s behalf. Once approved, the money will be deposited into the borrower’s bank account for instant use.

What expenses can borrowers use an installment loan for?

Here are some expenses installment loans can be used for:

Car repairs

Cars are one of the biggest investments a person can make. Despite regular upkeep and following manufacturers’ guidelines, things will still go wrong. Flat tires, accidents, and mechanical failures can all put a serious dent in a person’s pocket, especially when factoring in labor and potential towing costs. Having the quick funds needed via installment loans can make all the difference in affording those needs versus taking on high-interest debt with credit cards.

Day-to-day expenses

Generally, there is no limitation to what online installment loans can be used for. That means, in a pinch, a person could use the funds from these loans to pay for things like gas, groceries, and similar living expenses.

Pay off debts

If an installment loan servicer provides quality rates with favorable borrowing conditions, it may be worthwhile to borrow money to help pay off higher-interest debts. With pre-determined repayments spread over time, the borrowing and repayment process can be much more manageable.

Mortgages and rent

A person’s home is often the most costly expense they have to cover. Whether it be renting or mortgage payments, it can be difficult to always be on time. Online installment loans can help ensure the borrower can continue to make consistent on-time payments.


Borrowing to cover a stint of leisure, such as a vacation, is not recommended long-term. But if someone is in a pinch, borrowing money for the short term may be a good choice in order to secure travel plans. For example, if a friend is planning a group cruise and needs payments as soon as possible, a friend without immediate access to the funds may wish to borrow via a method like online installment loans.

The bottom line

When it comes to finding solutions for life’s important expenses in a time of need, online installment loans make for a great option. With customizable amounts and repayment terms, these can be just the tool necessary to meet all of life’s demands.