The University of Cambridge was established back in 1209 and was given a Royal Charter by Henry III. Cambridge is the fourth-oldest surviving university in the entire globe and the second-oldest university in the United Kingdom.

The University of Cambridge consistently ranks among the best institutions in the world for teaching, research, and global views because of its reputation for academic brilliance and traditional scholarly ideals. According to the QS World University Rankings 2023, the university is rated 2nd worldwide.

The University of Cambridge offers a demanding, adaptable, and individualised educational experience. You may anticipate receiving a lot in return if you have the aptitude, dedication, and drive to pursue your education here. Most graduate jobs take on applicants from all disciplines. Employers are interested in your degree’s flexibility as well as the variety of transferrable skills you acquire.

The average Cambridge student possesses the following qualities: ambition, intelligence, motivation, hard work, commitment, enthusiasm, curiosity, and intellectual creativity. They are also good time managers. Employers are aware of this and seek similar qualities in potential new hires, which is why their graduates are so in-demand.

As soon as you arrive at Cambridge, you may begin exploring your career choices by working with their specialised Careers Service. To save time and improve your employability chances, the team of seasoned and unbiased careers consultants can assist you in making connections with companies and navigating the challenging employment market.

The Careers Service offers a variety of programmes on subjects, including picking a career, writing cover letters, submitting applications, and preparing for interviews. Additionally, they provide more than 200 career-related briefings, skills workshops, and events, as well as around 15 significant career fairs annually.

The University of Cambridge has various relationships in many sectors that offer a variety of options for you to gain job experience, thus boosting your resume in time for graduation. On the handshake website of the Careers Service, thousands of jobs are advertised in various industries, and bursaries are provided to encourage volunteer work with nonprofit organisations.

More than 1,200 Cambridge graduates working in a wide range of industries provide first-hand assistance to students, and so does the alumni database maintained by the Careers Service. The Service also offers information on careers, programmes for advanced study, and financing, in addition to hosting more than 50 sessions for skill training connected to employment.

Records show that more than 93% of the past University of Cambridge graduates were hired by outstanding firms for graduate positions or chose to continue their studies six months after graduating from this institution.

About 11,528 individuals work in academic, academically-related, technical, clerical, and secretarial occupations. The university’s track record shows that approximately 90% of former students find employment or continue their studies six months after graduation. Among the top companies that hire from the institution are Deloitte, EY, Google, HSBC, and UCL.

Since the University of Cambridge is aware that students enrol in graduate school for a variety of reasons, it is dedicated to helping its students meet their objectives while also boosting their skills and employability.

Because of the university’s modernised infrastructure, cutting-edge technology, top-rated programmes, and most talented researchers in the world, stable job, welcoming environment, global education experience, and numerous scholarships for international students, studying at the University of Cambridge will undoubtedly improve your skills and advance your career.