The Kratom world has grown exponentially in the past few years. There are now hundreds of brands with thousands of different products. It’s come to a point where there’s always one question on the customer’s mind: What brand should I buy? Here’s your quick 2022 guide to the best of Kratom so you’re not left in the dark. We’ll also be mentioning our recommended vendor so you can locate all the best options in a one-stop shop. But we don’t want to give too much away right off the bat!

3 Kratom Brands You’ll Love

We’ve created a short list of our top 3 names in the Kratom industry in terms of potency, quality, and of course, AKA certification.


Organically Purified Mitragyna Speciosa (OPMS) was founded in 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia. In its pursuit of creating the best form of Kratom, the company devised its own extraction method. Through cold water and high pressure, they’ve managed to create all-natural, full-spectrum Kratom extracts. Their products are known in the market for being a tad on the strong side, so it’s not exactly a beginner’s club.

2. MIT 45

Another AKA-accredited Kratom company that’s raising the stakes is MIT 45. A South Sea Ventures project started in 2012, the company imports the highest-quality raw Kratom leaves from sustainable farms. MIT 45 has made its mark with its signature energizing Kratom extract tinctures. They often go by the name “Rocket Fuel” as these unflavored, unadulterated, full-spectrum extracts are bound to make you feel sky-high!

3. Remarkable Herbs

As one of the longest-running Kratom companies, Remarkable Herbs is very widely received by consumers all over the nation. The company began operations back in 2001, specializing in pure, powdered solutions. They don’t have fancy capsules or extracts but they do offer a lot of different strains; Thai, Malay, Vietnam, and more! So, if you’re looking for spectacular strain variety and total purity, Remarkable Herbs is the one to turn to!

The Best Kratom Products

Choosing the best Kratom products can be challenging compared to choosing brands. But we’re up to the task. Here is our short and snappy list of some amazing Kratom products that will leave you wanting more!

1. MIT 45 Kratom Extract Shot

This 45% Mitragynine tincture is the Gold Standard of full-spectrum Kratom extracts. If you’re interested in something that packs a hard punch, these shots will deliver! Be warned though; you’ll only enjoy the fast-acting, long-lasting effects if you’re a seasoned Kratom user.

2. OPMS Extract Capsules

If you’re a fan of capsules, you’ll certainly enjoy OPMS’s signature high-potency Gold and Black Extract Capsules. The Gold ones are a tad less potent than the Black capsules, so it’s entirely dealer’s choice. These work great for boosting energy, relieving pain, and increasing your focus — enjoy a productive day.

3. Phoenix Purple and Red Label Extract Capsules

Kratom isn’t always about getting your energy up; sometimes people need it to unwind. Phoenix is a small brand that’s still in its growing phase, but its relaxing blends are unmatched. Enjoy these with a nice cup of herbal tea and forget about all your problems for a while!

4. Remarkable Herbs Kratom Powder

Want it the old-fashioned way? Well, there’s nowhere to turn but Remarkable Herbs for the best natural source of powdered Kratom. They’re a great option if you’re a beginner.

Our Recommended Kratom Vendor

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