$100MM+ raised on Cash Flow Portal in less than 180 days

Received $1 million in self-financing from Perry Zheng, a full-time Engineering Manager at Lyft. 

Seattle, WA – March 30, 2021 – Seattle-based real-estate syndication software Cash Flow Portal, which competes with market veterans like Juniper Square and IMS, helped GPs raise $100MM+ in less than 180 days. The platform already acquired several large customers, including Ashland Capital, Thrive Multifamily, and Sigma Real Estate. In less than 90 days, 20+ LPs joined the platform by invitation from GPs to view deals. 

“As our operation and AUM scaled up, our firm needed a tool to streamline investor management. We use Cash Flow Portal for pre-close and post-close functions like fundraising and investment tracking.”, says Eric Kogan from Ashland Capital, a multifamily syndication group with $100mm in assets under management. “Perry and his team are flexible and willing to work with their syndication clients to build a better and more cost-effective product.”, adds Kogan. “Cash Flow Portal is an affordable alternative to the other similar services,” said Nic Espanet from Thrive Multifamily LLC. 

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The development of Cash Flow Portal was made possible thanks to $1M in self-financing from its Founder, Perry Zheng. Perry started his multifamily syndication three years ago and now has more than 1500 units, raised over $16M, and is a lead syndicator on two deals totaling 580 units. Zheng wants to create an Airbnb-like marketplace that makes investing in deals for LPs easy and efficient. “For LPs, investing in your deal should be as easy as instant check-out on Amazon,” says Perry. 

“By helping GPs and LPs connect on one platform, we want to make multifamily real-estate investments more accessible to passive investors and help people achieve financial freedom through real estate investing,” adds Portal’s Founder. 

Cash Flow Portal is the only real-estate syndication software in the market to offer a 14-day (can be extended to 30) free trial with no paywall or mandatory demo call. 

About Cash Flow Portal

Cash Flow Portal (www.cashflowportal.com) is real-estate syndication software founded in April 2020, soft-launched in June 2020, with $1M in self-financing in January 2021. Cash Flow Portal’s mission is to help real-estate syndicators raise capital faster and expand their investor network. It offers GPs and LPs complete access to all deal information conveniently from one dashboard and a holistic overview of each deal. GPs can add, manage, and organize assets by property type and class and view how much capital is already raised. GPs can then add investors, sort them by class, % of class, investment %, and investment status.

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